News – Zuma Demands that Zondo Recuses Himself

News – Zuma Demands that Zondo Recuses Himself

“For the reasons to be fully set out in the application to be made soon, we are instructed to seek your recusal as Chairperson of the Commission on the ground that our client reasonably apprehends that you have already adopted a biased disposition towards him and cannot bring an impartial mind to the issues and evidence that relate to him.”

Chairperson of the State Capture Commission

Jacob Zuma, former president of South Africa, believes that strained personal relations between him and Raymond Zondo, the Deputy Chief Justice, are behind his portrayal as uncooperative and guilty.  Zuma demanded that Zondo recuse himself from the State Capture Inquiry.  Zuma was deeply offended when Zondo threatened to subpoena him to appear before the commission in November.

“2. At the outset, we note that this special focus and targeting of President Zuma has been the hallmark of this Commision’s approach since it commenced with tis proceedings.  As a result, President Zuma views the recent media briefing as a culmination of a series of events by which he was singled out and targeted by the Commission.”

Eric Mabuza, Zuma’s attorney, said that Zuma would never avail himself because he believe that Zondo already decided on his guilt.  According to Mabuza, Zuma had always been prepared to cooperate with the state capture commission in spite of his views about its legality, Zondo’s suitability for the task at hand, and what he referred to as their personal relations.

“It was an unnecessary and public rebuke which, in our respectful view, resides outside the realm of legal processes and judicial comity.”

Zuma feels that Zondo should have disclosed their personal relations.  He believes that the Chief Justice deliberately portrays him as belligerent, claiming that his medical problems earlier this year was just a hoax.  Zuma and his legal representatives refused to appear for the subpoena application that is intended to compel him to appear in November.  The commission is yet to respond to the letter.




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