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Zuma Allies: Not a Threat, Just a Warning

Zuma Allies: Not a Threat, Just a Warning

As the government begins to prosecute those who had been inciting the current spate of violence, former President Jacob Zuma’s allies said that their remarks about instability hitting the country were not threats but actual warnings.

Wednesday marked a week since the former president was arrested for contempt of court and he is currently serving a 15-month sentence. In the past week, the African National Congress (ANC) and President Cyril Ramaphosa, took a hard line in defence of the country’s Constitution and rule of law. On Friday, the protests began with cars being torched and spread into public violence and looting, wrecking billions of rands worth of damage.

The ANC and the Government admitted that the current crisis facing South Africa found its roots within the ruling party. Former President Jacob Zuma’s children, Duduzane and Duduzile, have been placed at the heart of the attempts to destabilise the country.

Another Zuma ally, Mzwanele Manyi, has tried several strategies on social media in Zuma’s honour – these include pleading the former leader’s innocence, pushing for a revolt, and now portraying Zuma as a saint. Manyi insisted that he was only interested in the legal arguments around Zuma’s freedom, but he also weighed in on the former leader’s children and their recent Twitter posts.

“Just calm down and get the facts and deal with the facts in front of them. Right now, I’m not able to separate fact from fiction.”

The disbanded MKMVA’s Carl Niehaus, who boldly told South Africans that all hell would break loose if Zuma was arrested, has gone to ground. He has since said that his word was simply warnings of what was to come.

“The warning that we extended with President Zuma’s arrest will lead to or could potentially lead to instability was a correct warning. It was not a warning to instigate.”





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