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Working from Home

Working from Home

So you won’t go back to the office soon.  Maybe never again.  Google just told their staff that only maybe in September 2021.  So how do you stay productive at home.


Pick a dedicated work spot.

Don’t have to be an office or desk – but science have proven sitting on the same chair at the same counter top will help your brain get into the right thinking frame.

Decide on what type of Race you are running

    1. Short & Fast when you do your work as quick as possible at a fast pace
    2. Marathon – when you basically work the whole time with small breaks in between
    3. Embrace your ebbs and flaws – we all have natural circadian rhythms.  Are you a night owl or an early bird?  What time is your energy the highest?  Try and work then.

Handling emails.

Clear your inbox of all old subscriptions or newsletters that you no longer read.  Have a dedicated “go to junk” filter.  Unsubscribe to unsolicited emails. Rank emails with flags or stars of important people e.g. your boss; your top client;  your manager and attend to them first.

Mark batches e.g. waiting for more info;  waiting for a response and only open them once your receive such.

How do you know you are productive?

It is a misconception that the more hours you work the more productive you are.

Ask yourself:

Did I set intention?

Did I complete them?

Did I do them?

It boils down to planning what is urgent and what is important.  Meetings are not always productive especially if it is not well planned, controlled and followed up by outcome tasks.  White space in your diary is not wasted. Time to think, time to brew ideas;  time to dream how to execute your plan.

What if you have kids or older parents at home?  Work when they are at school, activities or at friends.  Older parents – when they sleep, eat or watching TV.





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