Will drive in cinemas make a comeback?

Will drive in cinemas make a comeback?

Will drive in cinemas make a comeback?

Drive in1

Vintage drive in        Photo Credit: insider


We all remember weekends when the entire family got into the car and drove to the nearest Drive in.

Whether they screened an old classic like “ They call me Trinity ” or a latest release, it was an enjoyable evening for everyone.

I have fond memories of watching Grease, singing along, eating popcorn and fighting with my sibling for the best spot in the car.

Watching a great film under a starry sky brings back beautiful memories.

For those of us who lived through the Drive – in era, especially during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s it’s a symbol of our youth.


Drive in 2

Top Star drive in       Photo Credit: Amethyst


Lying on the roof of your car with your date, dragging out a mattress or camping chairs with your friends,

sharing a picnic basket, joking and laughing all night long, these were amazing evenings.

Unfortunately in the past few years most drive ins have closed due to technology and on-demand downloads.

With the restrictions in place and cinemas around the country facing financial ruin, we could see the return of drive in cinemas throughout South Africa.

Most of us will remember Top Star which was part of our lives since 1961(closed down in 2008) which was situated high above the city on an old mine dump,

with spectacular views of Johannesburg, or Velskoen who also sadly closed down in 2012.


Drive in 3

Velskoen Drive in       Photo Credit : Finding Jozi


Most people believed this era has passed but with all the changes happening, the drive in could make a remarkable comeback.

It might look a bit different with face masks being our new reality but time will tell whether this bygone era will become part of our lives again.






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