Well done SuperSpar Meyersdal.

Well done SuperSpar Meyersdal.

Please read this amazing letter we received from Cindy Dewey regarding her experience at the SuperSpar Meyersdal in Alberton.



“After always shopping at my regular center and having to stand in queues and actually not being able to find what I need, I decided to go past Meyersdal Spar for a change.

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had there.The parking was fairly full so I anticipated waiting in a queue, however once I got to the door I was welcomed immediately by a friendly staff member who sanitized my hands and trolley.

I walked through the fresh fruit and veggie section and was blown away at the selection available and how fresh everything looked.

The shop wasn’t busy inside, everyone was spread apart and things were well set out. The smell of freshly made cinnamon doughnuts caught my attention as I went through the Bakery and was offered a wide variety of yummy treats as well as fresh breads and rolls.

The ready made food all looked so inviting and the ladies behind the counter were so friendly and helpful , going the extra mile to see if I needed anything extra.

Bearing in mind these ladies have to work while we get to stay at home with our families ,they have a very good reason to feel stressed, over worked and unappreciated. However they are full of smiles and willing to offer any extra help I needed.


The managers kept the staff in good spirits and ensured everything in the store was running  quickly and efficiently.


As I walked through the store I overheard two staff members laughing and this again reassured me that the staff at the store were happy, appreciated and cared for making them want to be at work during such hard times.

As I approached the tills I was so impressed at the measures taken in order to help keep staff and customers safe.

Clear protective shields are up in front of each cashier, cashiers and packers all had protective masks on. There were no long queues and everyone was asked to keep their distance as they waited for the person in front of them.

Once the person in front of me had left with their groceries I was asked to wait before unpacking my groceries so the cashier could sanitize the entire counter and card machine. I was then welcomed to come closer and unpack my groceries.

As I was about to leave the staff said goodbye to me with a friendly smile and  told me to keep safe…it was just incredible!

They didn’t have to care about my safety, they don’t know me but they made me feel like we truly are all in this together.

I left the store not feeling exposed or irritated but uplifted and grateful for such a pleasant experience.

I solute the managers and staff of Meyersdal Spar for the work you are doing ,the care you are taking and the amazing atmosphere you have created in your store. It is absolutely outstanding and not something I have experienced at any other store.

“Meyersdal Spar will without a doubt  be my store of choice from here on out.”




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