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National News – Violent Farmers Must Behave

National News – Violent Farmers Must Behave

Ronald Lamola, the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, condemned the violence of protests in Senekal yesterday.  Lamola criticised calls of mob justice by the community.  Thousands of farmers and citizens flocked to Senekal yesterday as the two accused in the murder of Brendin Horner was due in court.  Chaos erupted outside the court when a group of farmers broke into the courthouse demanding that the suspects be handed over to the public.  In a statement Lamola said: “We urge the law enforcement authorities to ensure that the rule of law is maintained and an important part of that is to ensure that those responsible for undermining the administration of justice and the destruction of public property are brought to book.”

Minister Lamola said that the community undermined the rule of law.  “If such attacks against the rule of law are allowed to go unchecked, our society will run the risk of descending into anarchy. It is in the interest of everyone to ensure that respect for the rule of law is defended and upheld. “However strongly communities may feel about issues, we simply cannot allow individuals to take the law into their own hands,” he said.  In the protests a police vehicle was torched and shots were fired.

The reaction to the brutal murder of Brendin Horner has been one of anger and frustration.  Farmers are saying “Enough is enough”, and are demanding that the Bheki Cele must resign or be sacked immediately.  Farm attacks and murders in South Africa has been cause for concern as the numbers of deaths rise rapidly.  The brutality of the attacks have now reached the international news cycle.  Messages of support are pouring in from all over the world.  Lamola however insisted that vandalism and mob justice would not solve the problems, but rather contributed to the problem .




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