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Two police officers arrested in Soweto for stolen goods

Two police officers arrested in Soweto for stolen goods

Two police officers were arrested in Soweto after they were caught off-loading stolen property from a state vehicle.


Colonel Brenda Muridili, the spokesperson of NatJOINTS, police received information from the Intelligence Coordinating Committee.

“This led to the arrest of two on-duty Reservist Constables found in possession of property alleged to have been stolen during the incidents of looting of businesses in Soweto.

“It is further alleged that the two suspects were found off-loading suspected stolen property from a state vehicle.”

A total of 1 234 people have been arrested amid the violent protests, looting, and public violence that gripped the provinces since former President Jacob Zuma was imprisoned last week.

“The greater part of the inquest dockets relate to stampedes that occurred during incidents of looting of shops and malls, while other deaths and injuries were related to ATM explosions and shooting.”

The death toll in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng has risen to 72 by Tuesday evening.

Police officers on leave and rest days have been recalled.

“With the recent deployment of the Defence Force members and the augmentation of law enforcement officers by recalling SAPS members from leave and rest days, more boots have been on the ground to police the rampant elements of criminality perpetrated by the looting of businesses and destruction of property.”

She furthermore said that the Provincial Commissioners have also activated the police social crime prevention strategy.

“They have been engaging with various stakeholders, including community-based organisations, traditional leaders, and the business community, to amplify current operational plans to best tackle the looting and destruction of property currently prevalent in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.”

Muridili reminded the public that although persons are entitled to protect their property and lives, the right to life is protected in the Constitution; and can only be infringed in minimal circumstances to, among other things, preserve the life or bodily integrity of the defender.




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