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Tremors felt across Cape Town last night

Tremors felt across Cape Town last night

A 3.5-magnitude earthquake which lasted 10 seconds struck Saldanha on Monday night, and residents from various parts in Cape Town felt the earth move.

Although the tremor was small enough not to cause damage , many people felt weak shaking 100 km from the epicentre, reported Volcano Discovery.

The United States Geological Survey confirmed and said that the depth of the quake was 5km.

On September 26, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake was detected roughly 1600km offshore in Cape Town which was then followed by 2.5- and 2.9-magnitude tremors that were felt even in the Northern Suburbs.

At the time a geophysicist warned that it could happen again.

Professor Andrzej Kijko, director of the Natural Hazards Centre at the University of Pretoria, said if Cape Town were to be hit by a large seismic event, there would be major damage to the city’s infrastructure and property.


Twitter users rushed to share their experience.








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