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The World’s Hottest Maths Teacher

The World’s Hottest Maths Teacher

When one imagines a maths lecturer at University, the image is usually of an older person with grey hair and styleless clothing.  There is however and exception to every rule and Pietro Boselli is that exception. Born in Negrar, Italy, Pietro was already modelling for Armani Junior at six years of age.  After school, Boselli studied for an engineering degree at the University College of London.  He graduated with a first class honours Bachelor of Engineering in 2010.

Pietro continued studying and obtained his PhD in 2016.  While working on his doctorate, he taught mathematics to mechanical engineering students at the University College of London.  One of his students noticed that Dr Boselli was more than just a clever engineer with a PhD, and, upon searching for Boselli on Facebook, discovered that the much adored teacher was in fact also a model.

The nosy student posted a picture on Facebook which went viral a year later.  Boselli then signed a modelling contract with the British Modelling agency, Models 1.  He is known today as the “world’s sexiest maths teacher.”

Boselli did however say that he felt objectified by students who, when having to ask questions about the maths class, would comment on his physical appearance.  He said that he is often overlooked in the engineering field due to his work as a model.

“I wasn’t surprised. Students have asked about my body, my face – I even regularly notice some of them sneakily taking photos of me while I’m trying to teach. Because I’m not just a PhD in chemical engineering and university lecturer – I’m also a model,” said Boselli.

“In academia, being a model is not an accolade. In fact, my looks mean I’m often overlooked in my profession. Fellow professors and students have taken me less seriously because of my modelling career – so much so that I’ve felt ashamed of it at times. Which is why, when Game Of Thrones actor Kit Harington recently spoke out about being objectified by women, I could relate to him. ‘To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning…in the same way as it is for women,’ he said.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Increasingly, male objectification is in the ether, and I’m living proof that it’s alive and well. There are, of course, differences between men and women being cat-called or approached by strangers – when a woman grabs my bum, or a group of strangers try to remove my clothes in clubs, I don’t feel in physical danger, where a woman certainly would. But women can be just as sexually explicit and make you feel equally uncomfortable. If a guy did to a girl some of the things I’ve been subjected to, everyone would agree on how out of line they were – yet it’s often accepted the other way around.”

“I started modelling at six, when an agent saw me with my parents in my hometown of Brescia, Italy. I was told to go to the casting for the Armani Junior campaign, and I was signed immediately. Apart from a few years’ hiatus when I transitioned from junior to adult modelling, I’ve been doing it – and enjoying it – ever since.”




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