The IEC rejects Action SA’s Appeal

The IEC rejects Action SA’s Appeal

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has rejected Action SA’s appeal to be registered as a political party in South Africa.  The commission said in response that Action SA’s application was rejected because of similarities with another political party and its use of the South African Flag.

Action SA was founded by former Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba.

“We represent all South Africans who are determined to set our country free from the restraints of a broken political system and build a prosperous, non-racial and secure future for all its people.

“We will act as one to build a South Africa we can all be proud of. We will act as one to put our values and principles into action. We will not be a party of words, we will be a party of deeds.”

The time for talking is over, South Africa needs action!

  • The Party List System prioritises representation in the Legislative arm of government at the expense of direct accountability. The Party List system serves the interest of career politicians over the interests of the people.
  • South Africans should have a direct say in electing their Public Representatives through a mixed electoral system that combines proportional representation with a constituency-based system.
  • While we continue to advocate for Electoral Reform, our party will practice this by adopting a Primary Election system where people can directly elect our candidates for public office.


Mashaba said Action SA will consult with its legal advisors to decide the next step.





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