The Crazy New World of Masks

The Crazy New World of Masks

With the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we were introduced to a whole new world – The world of Masks.  The mask has become as essential as car keys, wallet and cellphone when leaving the house.  If you spend a little time in the parking lot of any mall you will quickly see people going into the centre, only to return minutes later to fetch the mask they forgot in the car.

Thankfully, many people have seen the compulsory wearing of masks as a creative challenge.  A famous Instagram-user have always posted photos of people he ran into on the New York Subway.  Recently, he started sharing photos of people and their masks.

Masks are made from anything that people can lay their hands on: Plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper bags, tissues, buckets, and a variety of fabrics.  Have a look at some of these crazy creations





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