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The 10 best vegetables to juice for weight loss

The 10 best vegetables to juice for weight loss

There are many benefits to drinking a healthy vegetable juice. Vegetables give your body many essential nutrients, while they work their magic and help your system detox. If you add one of the delicious juices listed below to your daily diet, you’ll start to see your body fat reduce, while your metabolism improves and your blood sugar is controlled.


The carrot juice has a very rich source of minerals. Its fiber will help accelerate the digestion process, preventing the accumulation of body fat. Ever heard your parents say that if you eat carrots you’d have a better vision? Well, they weren’t lying! Because of all its vitamins, it also gives you healthier hair and nails. By having a glass of one of these, you’ll feel instantly energised, your blood levels will be controlled, and your body will be cleansed.


Did you know that the cucumber is 95% water and is rich in potassium? When drinking cucumber juice, you’ll always be hydrated and your metabolism will be accelerated, making it very effective in the weight loss department. It also breaks down all the fat and helps you get rid of the toxins in your body. Since it protects you from any acidity, it helps to prevent ulcers in your stomach.


If you suffer from high cholesterol, this should be your juice of choice as it helps to keep it low. The beetroot has a good amount of fiber, so you will be fuller for longer periods of time while giving your body the necessary nutrients. Exercise is essential if you plan to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle and this juice improves your stamina, giving you a better physical condition. Another big perk is that it boosts your hemoglobin levels, helping all of those who suffer from anemia.


There are many reasons as to why you should be ingesting spinach juice. Besides it preventing any digestive problems, the vegetable has a great source of iron and is packed with potassium. Its high level of calcium gives you stronger bones and better teeth. Plus, it helps you with your blood circulation; preventing bruising or any cardiovascular diseases. Spinach has plenty of antioxidants and its source of fiber helps control your hunger.


The celery juice is very high in fluids, helping you have a good digestion and hydrate your body. It also acts as a diuretic, which reduces unwanted puffiness or cellulite. This is many people’s favourite because the celery is very low in calories and it allows you to get rid of the excess of water in your body. It’ll will control your blood pressure and eliminate any gasses, as well.


Cabbage juice is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors because of all its amazing qualities. It has a large source of Vitamin C, reducing the risk of developing diabetes and it controls any cravings for food with sugar or salty content. If consumed regularly, the cabbage is great at eliminating any harmful hormones and helps to prevent cancer. If you happen to suffer from acne, this vegetable cleans and dries oily skin, making it healthier looking. The juice also provides Vitamin Bs, helping you to feel more alert throughout the day.


Wheatgrass has many functions. This vegetable keeps your thyroid healthy, maintaining your ideal weight. But not only that – it is filled with calcium, potassium, iron and plenty of vitamins that prevent people from overeating. It has a way of working that cleans your blood and increases oxygen in your body so you won’t be constantly tired. The juice provides you with Omega 3 to help to reduce your cholesterol. And if this is not enough for you, did you know that it also combats odor? It’s also been known to help reduce symptoms for people who suffer from arthritis.


The bottle gourd consists 96% of water, which makes it very effective for diets because it lessens your appetite. The juice contains iron, potassium and many nutrients that get your blood sugar levels controlled, keep your body revitalised and prevent constipation. At the same time, it regulates your hormones and helps keep the grey hair away. It’s also a great sleeping aid, so if you have any trouble sleeping, this should be your go-to juice.


Because of its high source of fiber and it being low on calories, the kale juice is essential to maintaining your ideal weight. Kale is a very important vegetable that will give you many benefits, including: brain health, defence system boost, strong bones and muscles (because of its good amount of calcium), and anti-inflammatory benefits; all while fighting fat and providing you with enough Vitamin C and protein.


Last but not least, broccoli juice. There are many advantages to taking this on a regular basis because besides it detoxifying your body and helping your metabolism so you can have a slimmer figure, it’s also very rich in vitamins that improve your immune system, prevent hypertension, protect your vision from any infections and work positively on your brain and liver. Plus, broccoli has some substances that help your blood coagulate in case of any cut or accident.




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