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Terrifying Runaway Truck in Pinetown

Terrifying Runaway Truck in Pinetown

On Monday, a 50-year-old truck driver died after his truck started rolling downhill, crashing into several vehicles, through a boundary wall and into a house.  Residents said they were horrified when the truck starting running downhill towards their homes.  The incident, which happened in Stapleton Road, was captured on a video that has since gone viral on social media.  The Metro Police were attending to an accident when the truck unexpectedly started rolling forward.  Parboo Sewpersad, Durban Metro Police Spokesperson, said that the truck driver had initially stopped his vehicle at the accident scene, which was on the corner of Stapleton and East Road.  It is believed the man returned to his truck when it started rolling forward.  “It is alleged that the truck began to roll and collided with the other vehicles. A few metres down the road, the driver of the truck was found. He had sustained injuries,” Sewpersad said. The truck veered off the road, smashed through the boundary wall of one house then crashed into the corner of another house, where it came to a stop. “Eight vehicles were damaged in the collision, including the metro police vehicle and two vehicles which were in the yard of the house, and the house was damaged,” said Sewpersad.  See the video here: https://rumble.com/vak2ab-truck-driver-dies-in-freak-accident-in-pinetown-kzn.html?mref=qnnu&mc=mbuvt Warning: Strong Language

Sizakele Makhanya, the owner of the first house, said she had been watching the first accident on CCTV and saw the truck moving towards her house.  A mother of three, Sizakele said her husband was at the window and she was convinced they were both going to die.  “I told him let’s run, but he couldn’t see that there was danger coming and I thought we were going to be hit by this truck, both of us.”  Natalie Chazvemba, whose father owns the second house, said that the house had cracks in two rooms after the accident.  “The truck ploughed into the corner and the cracks extend through two unoccupied bedrooms,” she said. “My husband looked inside the truck and saw that there was no driver.”  It is believed the driver must have fallen out of the truck or tried to jump out when the truck started rolling forward.

Police are still investigating the cause of the second accident.




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