Teacher in Trouble for Misrepresentation

Teacher in Trouble for Misrepresentation

A Western Cape teacher has reportedly been summoned to a disciplinary hearing for allegedly claiming to be African on his Curriculum Vitae, instead of being honest about his so-called official identity of a coloured man.  The accused, Glen Snyman, applied for a position as school principal three years ago, and claimed to be African on his Resume.  He is currently a teacher at Grootkraal Primary School in Oudtshoorn.

Snyman is an outspoken critic of race classification and is the founder of an organisation called People Against Race Classification.  Though his application was unsuccessful, the Western Cape Education Department summoned him to appear in front of a disciplinary committee.

Racial classifications on job applications is used to meat broad-based economic empowerment criteria which is essential for all employers.  Snyman is very outspoken on race classification and particularly detests being classified as coloured, claiming this to be degrading.  Snyman has been leading a campaign against government’s continued use of race categories – black, coloured, Indian and white, since 2010.  The campaign aims to stop racial classification on all official documentation, including applications for employment.

On the official Website of Snyman’s campaign, a whole section is devoted to explaining the reasoning for self-classification as ‘African’ and claiming it is the right of all people to decide for themselves.  The website also states that being classified as “coloured” is not an identity. 

Government measures the economic progress our country makes according to the progress made by certain race groups only. This is wrong! Government should use a socio-economic barometer to determine how many people still need jobs; how many still live under the breadline; the living-standards of people; education levels; etc. Government doesn’t need to know how many members of a specific race group live in the various residential areas. Quality services should be provided to everyone. If we address poverty, inequality will take care of itself. We should do away with the generally accepted LABELLING, which implies that each of us belongs to a distinct race group.”




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