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Taxi Owner Kills Mustang Driver and Passenger Before Suicide

Taxi Owner Kills Mustang Driver and Passenger Before Suicide

A man and woman were shot dead in their Ford Mustang while driving in Soweto on Wednesday. The gunman then went home and committed suicide.

The female victim was a police reservist working at the Diepkloof police station in Soweto. Her male companion, the owner of the Ford Mustang, was believed to have been a forex trader while the gunman was a taxi owner suspected to have been the woman’s former lover.

A video taken at the scene shows a group of people surrounding the car while two bloodied bodies are slumped inside. Nearby was a minibus taxi that was hit when the driver of the Mustang lost control of the vehicle.

A source told members of the media that the taxi driver was angry that the woman had dumped him and gotten herself a new boyfriend.

“He shot at them as they were driving in Soweto. After shooting at their car, [the driver] lost control and hit a minibus taxi. He (the shooter) then went to his parents’ house in Orlando and killed himself,” said the source.

Colonel Athlenda Mathe, police spokesperson said the couple was shot along Baragwanath Road in Soweto. She said the female reservist constable, who was attached to the Diepkloof Visible Policing Unit, and a man was driving along the road when shots were fired at their vehicle.

She said the shooter then drove off and later killed himself.

“He was found to have shot himself at his place of residence in Orlando East,” Mathe said.

Colonel Athlenda Mathe said 15 empty cartridges were found at the scene.

While sources have inferred that the shooter was bitter and jealous after the police reservist allegedly cheated on him, the police said they did not want to speculate. Mathe said police will investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting.




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