Talhah is a game-changer

Talhah is a game-changer

Talhah is a game-changer

Talhah Patelia, a Grade 10 student at Reddam House, Bedfordview, in his commitment to log community hours, decided to 3D print protective face shields for frontline healthcare workers. Singlehandedly he made over 1000 protective face shields in just under a month and will continue until the need ceases.

Talhah has printed these face shields for Salaam Foundation, who distribute these items to health care professionals on the frontline.

Said Chief Innovations Officer, Community Hours Sarah Welton-Blake of Talhah’s achievement,

“Once, every now and again something truly remarkable happens. I have no idea how I would even begin to express my absolute awe with the activities to which Talhah has committed. Making face shields is such a commendable activity, but making 1000 masks is game-changing! Talhah has a special interest in serving people with whom he comes into contact – especially the medical fraternity.

 We challenged all Community Hours volunteers to do what they could with what they had to make a difference during lockdown.

The images show just how industrious and invested Talhah is in serving communities which most need support.

Talhah may be young but he is a giant in his actions in service. He embodies the true spirit of community engagement in South Africa.

 I am simply blown away by his actions, and continue to be in awe how he has really embraced working for a better South Africa.

 With respect I write to you to applaud the work done by one of tomorrow’s leaders.”

 Well done, Talhah!





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