Students selected for a great task

Students selected for a great task

Students selected for a great task

Marist Brothers Linmeyer congratulates the Grade 7 students who have been selected as the new Primary School Prefect Body and House Prefects of 2020.

We are proud of each one of you and we wish you all a very successful year of leadership!

Photo 1: left to right

Prefect Body 2020

Front: Kayla Marques, Kian Sawry, John Campling, Lorenzo Correia, Kgosi Lesenyeho, Matthew Barton, Abigayle Otto, Hlobile Radebe, Sienna Marques.

Middle: Karinah Chengalaryan, Daniel Andreani, Jesse Fourie, Gisele De Abreu, Anastacia Da Silva, Kgothatso Mangena, Micaela De Moura.

Back: Danica Pritchard, Keano Carrajola, Julian Schwark, Dario Gouveia, Angelo Dias, Catarina Abreu, Lintle Mabathoana, Janique Joannou.

Photo 2: left to right

House Prefects 2020

Front: Lorenzo Rosa, Mitchell Barry, Eesha Ganda, Tumisho Manaka.

Back: Caitlyn Diab, Bryce Williams, Sibonga Radebe, Claudia Vittone.




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