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Standard Bank customers furious as transactions ‘deducted more than once’

Standard Bank customers furious as transactions ‘deducted more than once’

Standard Bank has confirmed one huge mishap on Thursday 4 March 2021, so if you’re a customer and you’ve noticed transactions going off your account more than once, chances are you’re not alone. When exactly the problem will be fixed, however, is still a mystery.

Standard Bank customers have taken to social media on Thursday absolutely fuming about transactions that were taken off their accounts more than once. Some said they were going about their regular business when their card was declined. One customer said they were out with friends at a restaurant when suddenly their transaction would not go through.

One Twitter user said; “Standard Bank is duplicating transactions. Please check your statements.”

Another said; “I was wondering what is going on because my transactions from the weekend were deducted twice. As long as I’m going to get my money back please.”

Another said they were in shock after two “huge” transactions went off.

“Imagine declining at the fuel station, I kept telling the guy to try again only to find I have no money in my account.”

Another person who appeared to be a highly dissatisfied customer said Standard Bank did the same with their clients some time ago.

“They charged them for bank charges and reverse fees, so I can conclude that this was a planned scam to make money through reverse fees and charges.”

Standard Bank took to social media in an effort to reassure its customers but many of them were having none of it. In a very brief statement, it apologised for the inconvenience and said that all affected transactions would be reverses as soon as possible.

“We are aware that recent credit and debit card transactions have been deducted more than once. We are addressing urgently and all affected transactions will be reversed as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience,” it said.




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