SPCA: 14-year-old used her lockdown to make dog jackets

SPCA: 14-year-old used her lockdown to make dog jackets

The Kempton Park SPCA shared a beautiful story about 14-year-old Liencke Pretorius, who used her lockdown as a way to give back. The young seamstress sewed a collection of dog jackets to help keep the pooches at her local SPCA warm and cosy.

The Gauteng 2020 winter has been one of the coldest in the last 10 years! So cold in fact, it made history this year. According to the records kept by Gauteng Weather, the 16th of June was the coldest day in the last four years and the second coldest in the last nine years. With another cold front being predicted over the next week, we are so glad that South Africa is home to people like Liencke!

“WOW – this is a remarkable young lady. At just 14 she made these beautiful doggy jerseys for us. Thank you Liencke Pretorius for sharing your love for the dogs in our care.” – Kempton Park SPCA

The SPCA relies on donations from the public. It is so easy to help your local SPCA, you need only donate food or blankets for their animals. You can call to see if they have a charity shop for any other goods or you can make a cash donation. When the lockdown is over, and the world is a safer place, you can also donate your time.

If you are not sure where your nearest SPCA is, you can contact the NSPCA for assistance and they will connect you with your nearest branch.

Sources: Kempton Park SPCA, Goodthingsguy




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