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South Africa’s new ‘hijacking hot-spots’ for 2021

South Africa’s new ‘hijacking hot-spots’ for 2021

Car security experts Tracker has released its first set of data for 2021, focusing on the latest hijacking trends in South Africa. Through identifying vehicle crime stats by region, they have been able to map where the worst hot-spots in the country are located – while also ranking the most dangerous provinces.

Although not uniquely South African, hijacking crimes are more prevalent in Mzansi than in most other countries. Criminals have thrived off of this harrowing method, which often leads to cases of brutal violence and tragic fatalities. Tracker, whose preliminary release was shared by Business Tech, is set to share more results from its research in due course.

Despite the impact of lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, hijacking cases were reported in their thousands. As restrictions ease for the year ahead, motorists are being warned to keep their guard up – especially in these locations…

In terms of the provincial breakdown, Gauteng is the worst-affected region for hijacking incidents. That’s followed up by KZN in second, and the Western Cape in third. Johannesburg and Durban stay true to the formbook as the top hot-spots, but it’s Mitchell’s Plain – rather than Cape Town – that sees the highest frequency of these crimes in the south-west.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Northern Cape – somewhat predictably – is the least-affected region. Free State and Limpopo can also revel in relatively low rates, but hot-spots have been located in Kimberley, Bloemfontein, and Dennilton respectively. Even in these quieter parts, you’re not completely safe from the threat of hijacking.

North West, Mpumalanga, and the Eastern Cape can settle for a mid-table berth, but it’s worth noting that the towns of Rustenburg, eMalahleni, and Motherwell are also listed as hijacking hot-spots.

Herewith the latest hijacking hotspots in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban


  • Kelvin Street, CR Swart – The corner of Kelvin Street and CR Swart.
  • Pretoria Road , CR Swart – The corner of Pretoria Road and CR Swart.
  • Elgin Road, Pretoria Road – The corner of Elgin Road and Pretoria Road.
  • Linksfield Road, N3 – Linksfield Road off-ramp off the N3.
  • Booysens Road, M1 – Booysens Road off-ramp off the M1.
  • Nelson Mandela Bridge – The Nelson Mandela Bridge, be alert.
  • Wolmarans, Claim, Nugget – Wolmarans between Claim and Nugget.
  • Harrow, Saratoga – The corner of Harrow and Saratoga.
  • Harrow, Abel – The corner of Harrow and Abel.
  • Houghton Drive, M1 – The Houghton Drive off-ramp off the M1.
  • Jan Smuts Avenue, St Andrews – The corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and St Andrews.
  • 17th Street, Krause Street, Pageview – The corner of 17th Street and Krause Street in Pageview.
  • Heidelberg Road, N17 – The Heidelberg Road off-ramp off the N17.
  • Kyalami Drive – Traffic lights on Kyalami Drive.
  • Beyers Naude, N1 – The Beyers Naude off-ramp off the N1 highway.
  • Sunninghill, N1, Rivonia – Rivonia off-ramp off the N1 highway in Sunninghill.
  • Midrand, Clayville – Midrand road near Clayville Residents.
  • Grayston, Rivonia, 11th Street. – The intersection of Grayston and Rivonia and the intersection of Grayston and 11th Street.
  • 11th Avenue, Empire Road – 11th Avenue and Empire Road off-ramps.
  • Jan Smuts Avenue, William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park – The Jan Smuts Avenue/ William Nicol Drive split in Hyde Park.
  • Witkoppen Road – Intersections on Witkoppen Road.
  • Bramley Precinct, Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro, Kew – Bramley Precinct, areas such as Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro and Kew.
  • Yeoville Precinct, Yeoville, Bellevue, Bellevue East – Yeoville Precinct, areas such as Yeoville,Bellevue and Bellevue East.
  • Norwood Precinct, Orange Grove, Highlands – The Norwood Precinct, areas such as Orange Grove and Highlands.
  • Sandringham Precinct, Glenhazel, Lombardy East, Sandringham – The Sandringham Precinct, areas such as Glenhazel, Lombardy East and Sandringham.
  • Parkview Precinct, 11th avenue, 7th Avenue – The Parkview Precinct, areas between the 10th and 11th avenue and 4th and 7th Avenue in Parkhurst.
  • Hillbrow Precinct, Upper Houghton, Killarney – The Hillbrow Precinct, areas such as Upper Houghton and Killarney.
  • Rosebank Precinct, Saxonwold, Parkwood – The Rosebank Precinct, areas such as Saxonwold and Parkwood.
  • Christiaan de Wet, Wilgerood road, Roodepoort – The intersection between Christiaan de Wet and Wilgerood road in Roodepoort.
  • Louis Botha Avenue, M11, Hillbrow, Alexandra – Louis Botha Avenue, the M11. Be aware at the traffic lights, especially between Hillbrow and Alexandra.
  • Riviera, M1 – Riviera off-ramp coming off the M1.
  • Fairland Ex. 6, 11th Avenue, Fairland – 11th Avenue in Fairland, near Fairland Ex. 6.
  • Alexandra, 1st Avenue, Pretoria Main road – The corner of Pretoria Main road and 1st Avenue in Alexandra.
  • New road, N1, robots – New road off-ramp coming off the N1, be aware at the robots.
  • William Nichol, N1 highway – William Nichol off-ramp coming off the N1 highway.


  • Beyers Naude Drive, Paul Kruger Street – Beyers Naude Drive and Paul Kruger Street.
  • R55, Erasmia – The R55 in Erasmia.
  • Burnett Street, Delfi Avenue, Garsfontein Road – Be alert on the following streets, Burnett Street, Delfi Avenue and Garsfontein Road.
  • Stormvoel – Be aware at robots on Stormvoel.
  • Watermeyer Street – Be aware at robots on Watermeyer Street.
  • Nelson Mandela Drive – Be alert at robots on Nelson Mandela Drive.
  • Lynwood Road, Simon Vermooten – The crossing at Lynwood Road and Simon Vermooten.
  • Lynwood Road, Hans Strijdom – The crossing at Lynwood Road and Hans Strijdom.
  • Walker Street – Be alert at robots on Walker Street.
  • Duncan Street – Be alert at robots on Duncan Street.
  • University Road , Lynwood Road – The corner of University Road and Lynwood Road.
  • Rigel Avenue, N1 – The Rigel Avenue off-ramp from off the N1.
  • Simon Vermooten Road, Pretoria Street – The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Pretoria Street.
  • Simon Vermooten Road, Farrow Street – The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Farrow Street.
  • Simon Vermooten Road , Lynwood Road – The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Lynwood Road.
  • Lynwood Road, N1 – The Lynwood Road on-ramp from the N1.
  • Hans Strydom, N4 – The Hans Strydom off-ramp off the N4 highway.
  • Hans Strijdom, R21 – The intersection between Hans Strijdom and the R21.
  • Atterbury, N1 – The Atterbury off-ramp off the N1.
  • Pretorius Street – Be alert at crossings by Pretorius Street.
  • Schoeman Street, Duncan – The crossing at Schoeman Street and Duncan.
  • Schoeman Street, Hilda – The crossing at Schoeman Street and Hilda.
  • Schoeman Street, Grosvenor – The crossing at Schoeman Street and Grosvenor.

Cape Town

  • Voortrekker Road, Bellville, Parow – Voortrekker Road between Bellville and Parow.
  • Military Road, Prince George Drive – The Corner of Military Road and Prince George Drive.
  • St Stephens Road – Be alert when driving along St Stephens Road.
  • Alice Street, Voortrekker Road – Be alert when driving along Alice Street, especially near Voortrekker Road.
  • Station Road – Be alert when travelling along Station Road.
  • Klipfontein Road – Be alert when travelling along Klipfontein Road.
  • Prestwich Road, Ebenhezer – The corner of Prestwich Road and Ebenhezer.
  • Vangaurd Drive – Be alert when travelling along Vangaurd Drive.
  • R300, N1 – Be aware when travelling on the R300 under the bridges towards the N1 highway.


  • Alpine Road – Be aware along Alpine Road.
  • West Street – Be aware of crossings on West Street.
  • Warwick Avenue , Smith Street – The corner of Warwick Avenue and Smith Street.




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