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Save my Spot aims to help businesses

Save my Spot aims to help businesses

Save my Spot aims to help businesses: Save my Spot was born out of the realisation that without some cash flow, many restaurants, pubs, hotels, hairdressers and other locked-down businesses.

Which employ and uplift a great number of our people (not to mention fulfil an important social and cultural role in their communities) will be forced to shut their doors forever.


From favourite restaurants to borderline-essential hair salons to hotels with sentimental significance, not to mention your local pub, we all have places that are important to us, and all of them face great difficulty under the COVID 19 lockdown.


Save my Spot aims to ensure that the spots that are important to you, and the people they employ, will have the means to reopen when the time comes.

When you buy a Corona Coupon, you won’t just be getting a discount for your favourite hangout,

helping out a small business owner, and keeping others employed, you’ll also be contributing a portion of the

money you spend at Save my Spot to charities that help to uplift and empower South Africans and develop our nation.


It is a “pay-it-forward” type plan to provide services deferred into the post-Covid-19 future, which will secure the future for many.


How it works

The businesses listed on Save my Spot are facing some of the most difficult times in living memory.

Their cash flow has reduced to nearly nothing, if not totally ceased, and they find themselves unable to keep their loyal staff employed, and may not have the funds required to reopen, all while the wider South African society is also in dire need.


Save my Spot gives these small businesses a chance to offer their loyal customers a safe way to support them, while also contributing to worthy charities across the country.


Every time someone buys a Corona Coupon through Save my Spot, their contributions are shared between the business they elect to support, the charity of their choice and Save my Spot’s parent organisation, the Bathurst Development Trust (NPO No. NPO 237-594). A small percentage is also retained to pay the developers of Save my Spot.


You can visit Save My Spot by clicking on the link.



Sources: savemyspot/Goodthingsguy




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