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SAA Flight deployed to get J&J vaccines almost stalled mid-air

SAA Flight deployed to get J&J vaccines almost stalled mid-air

South African Airways business rescue practitioners (BRPs) have confirmed that an SAA flight destined for Brussels activated an automatic system to prevent it from stalling mid-air while en route to get Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

Crew members reportedly miscalculated the takeoff weight of the plane during departure from Johannesburg last month.

In a statement released on Wednesday evening, the business rescue practitioners said the team managed to take appropriate action to prevent any possible danger.

Last month, the South African Civil Aviation Authority granted SAA an exemption application for it to embark on the trip amid speculation that the embattled airline failed to provide safety measures for the crew deck.

SAA flight SA 4272 was deployed to transport South Africa’s second consignment of the Johnson and Johnson jabs last month.

The business rescue practitioners said pilots were able to identify the problem and managed to take the appropriate steps.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the incident was only reported last week Wednesday, more than two weeks after it occurred.

Guidelines stipulate that the aviation authority should be made aware of any incident within 72 hours.

SAA flights have not been operating since the financially strapped airline was placed under business rescue about two years ago due to mismanagement, leaving it in dire straits.

Last week, administrators said the business rescue process was expected to be completed at the end of this month.




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