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SA Radio Host Arrested for Inciting Violence

SA Radio Host Arrested for Inciting Violence

Ngizwe Mchunu, a musician and former radio host, is the latest controversial public figure linked to both former President Jacob Zuma and the recent spate of violence and widespread looting in the country to have handed himself over to police.

Mchunu, who stands accused of inciting violence, was shown in videos circulating on social media platforms on Monday, leaving the KwaZulu-Natal provincial police department in cuffs.

Bheki Cele, Minister of Police,  said that he was the fifth person arrested – previously the government had said that it was searching for 12 people for possibly instigating the riots and the looting that took place last week. Approximately 212 people have died during the violent attacks and unrest.

Last week also saw a former spy with close ties to Jacob Zuma, Thulani Dlomo, handing himself in over allegations of his involvement in what President Cyril Ramaphosa has now defined as an insurrection. Last week, Mchunu reportedly told representatives of the media that he was on the run.

“I’m very emotional as now I’m in tears because I don’t [know] why I should be arrested. When someone calls I become very frantic,” Mchunu said.

Mchunu claimed that a full-scale war had broken out over his views about the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma.

“Now we are at war, maybe it’s the last time I’m talking to you, anything can happen to me because now I’m targeted,” Mchunu said.

Mchunu this week told his followers on social media that he would hand himself over to the police. The former Ukhozi FM radio host and musician, also from Nkandla, accused President Ramaphosa of dividing the nation. He’s also been chastised by the likes of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) for utterances such as ‘ayi-kale’ which is thought to be a call for machine guns to go off.

Mchunu joins four others said to be in police custody.




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