Recipe:  Chicken mince. Korma Fry

Recipe: Chicken mince. Korma Fry

Ingredients :
500grms Mince.
1tsp Ginger & Garlic.
1 tsp Tumeric
3 tsp Shan Korma powder.
1 heaped tsp Chille powder.
1 flat tsp cumin powder.
2 to 3 ripe tomatoes diced.
1/4 cup fresh diced Coriander.
1 large brown onion diced.

Fry onions till they are translucent.
Add Turmeric,
Then add ginger & garlic.
Fry a minute (on medium flame)
Add,  korma powder & chili powder.
1 flat tsp cumin seed powder.
Stir & keep frying a minute.
Add diced tomatoes & salt to taste.
Add a small amount of water fry till you see the oil.
Then add the chicken mince.
Break up the mince & keep frying.
Add the diced fresh coriander.
Add a little water to cook the mince.
( optional: You can add diced potatoes  if u wish.)




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