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Recipe:  Bacon & Cherry Skewers

Recipe: Bacon & Cherry Skewers

It’s always braai-season in South Africa, but during the festive season you can pump those braai-numbers up. These Bacon & Cherry Skewers are a great way to get the feasting started.  These delicious treats also have the name “oopsies” because the cherries can fall into the fire, so be careful when you handle them. You can also put them in a “flip grill” which you can close around these beauties to make handling them easier.


  • 600 g streaky bacon

  • 300 g Maraschino cherries

  • wood skewers (sosatie sticks)


  • On a sosatie stick add one cherry and then thread the streaky bacon strips. The spacing should be one cherry and then one strip of streaky bacon threaded and then repeat. I use about four bacon strips, but you can use as much as you feel comfortable with.
  • Over the hot coals place the cherry bacon sticks until crispy and cooked. To make it easier, place all of the cherry bacon sticks into a braai grid that you can close so that turning them on the fire is much easier.
  • Before serving, pour the leftover cherry syrup from the jar over the sosaties (skewers) just as they are done.





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