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Ramaphosa respond to Magashule’s ‘suspension letter’

Ramaphosa respond to Magashule’s ‘suspension letter’

African National Congress (ANC) president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has told the party’s parliamentary caucus that he received suspended secretary-general Ace Magashule’s letter attempting to suspend him with shock and a measure of dismay.

Ramaphosa, who addressed the party’s caucus on Thursday morning, said that he received the letter of suspension from Magashule on Wednesday night.

Magashule, who is appealing his suspension, insists he remains the secretary-general of the ANC.

He is one of the party’s leaders affected by its 2017 resolution to step aside but was suspended after failing to do so within the allocated 30 days.

It is the first time that the wider ANC hears from Ramaphosa on the letter, which he is said to have received last night at 10pm.

Sources inside the ANC caucus said that a confident Ramaphosa said that while he was shocked about the letter, he was leaving it to the NEC to deal with it over the weekend.

It is also understood that he said he received the letter with some dismay as the issue of attempting to suspend him as a president of the party had never been discussed and that it came out of the blue.

One source said that Ramphosa’s address was reassuring.




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