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Ramaphosa issues ‘second wave warning’ for South Africans

President Ramaphosa has expressed his concerns over the possibility of a coronavirus ‘second wave‘, and issued some salient advice to the public.

Cyril Ramaphosa has published his weekly letter to the nation, just days before he is set to address South Africans in a televised broadcast. The president has highlighted the possible threat of a coronavirus resurgence, warning that a second wave would ‘choke the green shoots of an economic recovery’.


The warning comes as government officials and advisors voice their increasing concerns about ‘COVID fatigue’. Some eight months into this lockdown, people have grown tired of the threat posed by the virus, choosing to ignore social distancing rules or failing to wear masks where required. Ramaphosa has urged the public to show a bit of teamwork:

“A second wave at any scale will not just dramatically reverse our health gains. It will choke the green shoots of economic recovery that have emerged, and take us back from spring to winter. To prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections, we must observe the public health guidelines that remain in place.”

“With the festive season approaching, it is critical that we do not become the architects of our own undoing. When we fail to wear a mask at a social gathering, when we attend crowded events, we are not only putting ourselves and others at risk. We are also putting our economic recovery in jeopardy. Let us all continue to play our part.”

Cyril Ramaphosa


President Ramaphosa did, however, suggest that better days were on the horizon for South Africa. If the public continues to comply with the current health measures, then there’s no reason we can’t feel optimistic for the summer season ahead:

“The positive actions of wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and regular hand washing helped us overcome the worst effects of the pandemic. They are still our best defence. Let us remember the sacrifices we all had to make to contain the spread of the virus in the early days.”

“Even as most social and economic activity has resumed, we must still observe all the health measures. This is absolutely necessary if we are to rebuild our economy and put this crisis behind us. After a long and difficult winter, the beginning of a new season should fill us with optimism.”

Cyril Ramaphosa




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