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R30-Million for Capturing Bigfoot

R30-Million for Capturing Bigfoot

For centuries people have been searching for a variety of mythical creatures.  While most people would scoff at the idea of dedicating a lifetime to find such a creature, others have grabbed the opportunity to make over R30-million.  Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey, has filed legislation to establish a Bigfoot hunting season.  As far as regularity of sightings are concerned, Oklahoma is ninth on the Global List.

While Humphrey simply wanted to boost tourism within the state, many have taken the challenge very seriously.  An upcoming film about Bigfoot pledged $2-million dollars for the capture of Bigfoot and Humphrey suggested a $25,000 bounty.  A private business added $100,000 to the pool.  Humphrey believes that simply filing the legislation had the desired effect.

“We’re having fun with it,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying it. But at the same time, I know a lot of people thought I was crazy. But, I think if people chill out, (they could) see that this could be a serious deal bringing in a lot of money, a lot of tourism.”

“I hope people get here and ride 4-wheelers and do fishing and go to the restaurants and sleep in motels,” he said. “Come to Oklahoma, have an adventure. Enjoy yourself, tell your friends and come back.”






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