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President of SAMA provides clear answers on Covid-19

President of SAMA provides clear answers on Covid-19

According to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, President of the South African Medical Association, the current Covid-19 situation in South Africa is stable.

The reason why statistics of recorded positive cases and deaths in South Africa is not rising rapidly is because we are in lockdown, but she believes that there will be an explosion of cases after the lockdown.  Between 18 and 20% of people are positive with Covid-19 but they do not show any symptoms.  These individuals will infect others after the lockdown, and this will lead South Africa into another disaster period with another lockdown very likely.

According to Dr. Coetzee, it is of no use trying to test everyone in South Africa.  SAMA still believes that only people that show symptoms must be tested.

SAMA together with the Minister of Health feels the need for every citizen to wear masks is becoming necessary because nobody knows who the 18 to 20% are.  For that reason, it will be better for all to wear masks.

She made it clear, however, that it is of no use to wear surgical masks for healthy people as it will not keep germs from getting to you. It will only keep your germs from spreading to others.  Material masks will work fine if it is washed daily.  If you fiddle with your mask, you must change it frequently as you are contaminating the mask.

It is also not necessary for people to wear gloves, in her opinion.  Properly washing your hands with normal soap and water will work the best.  Using antibacterial soap is completely unnecessary as it is designed for bacteria, not viruses.  Hand sanitizers will only work if the alcohol content is more than 70%.

When asked what her message to the nation is, she said: “Listen to what we are telling you.  If we say stay at home and don’t go to the shops, then don’t do go to the shops and stay at home.  Do not panic.  80% of all infected will be okay and will return to full health.“




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