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Over R1m Savings Passed on to St Martin’s Parents

Over R1m Savings Passed on to St Martin’s Parents

As the academic year draws to a close and we look forward to a fresh start in 2021, hopefully with less Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we reflect on a tough and challenging year for our country and school community.

Parents, students and staff have had to navigate a journey with many unpredictable twists and turns.  Constant change and having to alter course became the new normal in 2020.

An economy that has been overburdened by the pandemic and resultant lock down has affected our country and our own community too.  The lockdown meant that the school campus was largely, underutilized as students and teachers successfully navigated online learning for the greater part of the academic year.  As a result, the usual running costs were less than budgeted for, and the school management passed in excess of R1 million in savings on to its parents.

We are only too aware that the economy will continue to present financial challenges to our parents and prospective parents seeking a quality education for their children.  The school’s finance committee has thus adjusted the fees across the various phases in the school to smooth and lessen the gap between certain phases.  The most significant adjustment is to the Grade 8 tuition fees. This was done in an attempt to make high school accessible to more people seeking a top-class independent school for their children.

A quality education is a considerable investment and one that is required to ensure a solid foundation for your child’s future.  Our school has invested heavily in employing well qualified teachers to ensure that children develop to the best of their ability.  St Martin’s School is in the fortunate position of having highly qualified staff with many years of experience to invest in its students.

Covid-19 will be with us for most of next year or until a vaccine is available.  Children still need to be educated and new ways of teaching have been adopted to ensure that students are prepared for exams and to move on to the next grade.

A letter we received from a Mum recently says it all:

‘I just wanted to thank you and your staff on how well you’ve handled this tumultuous school year amidst the covid-19 pandemic.  No doubt it has affected school operations and the school year immensely, but you have come through with flying colours.  I am ever so grateful for St Martin’s and the way the school community cares so much for and about our children.  Both my children are so happy and secure.  I also want to thank you for making transitioning back to class so seamless, as well as jumping quickly onto blended learning models during the previous lockdown levels to keep classes going.  Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful and triumphant effort!’

The lower Grade 8 fee will hopefully give people time to recover financially for the next year.  Parents can be assured that the same St Martin’s attention to their children will not be compromised and the standard of education that our community are accustomed to will continue.




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