NWU’s IT department creates Covid-19 Pre-Screening and Clinic apps

NWU’s IT department creates Covid-19 Pre-Screening and Clinic apps

As the world continues to face the unprecedented challenges meted out by the global Covid-19 pandemic, many countries and institutions around the world are developing new and technological means of maintaining health standards and creating safe environments for people to interact in and go about their usual day-to-day business.

Among these institutions is the North-West University (NWU), in particular the NWU’s IT department, with its development of two Covid-19-specific apps, The Pre-Screening app and the Campus Clinic app.

Campus Clinic App

Clinic staff use the Campus Clinic app to access a staff member’s or student’s record to add more information after their examination to keep track of and make the process of contact tracing simpler.

Pre-Screening App

The purpose of the Covid-19 Pre-Screening app is to provide staff and students with the functionality to do their daily Covid-19 pre-screening before they access the campus.

These apps were rolled out by the NWU from 15 June 2020, and staff and students will in future be screened every day prior to their entering the campus premises.

Only one submission per day is required, irrespective of how many times the staff member and/or student gains access to the campus premises on a specific day.

Security staff members carry out further screenings of staff and/or students who may not have access to the Covid-19 Pre-Screening app yet.

Speaking on the successful development of the two apps, Chandré Botha from the NWU’s IT development team says, “It was a huge team effort to conceptualise and ensure the development of both apps, which are aimed at creating a safe and favourable campus environment for the NWU community.”

Source: NWU / Belinda Bantham




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