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Numerous arrests for speeding on Gauteng’s major routes

Numerous arrests for speeding on Gauteng’s major routes

Numerous arrests of motorists and bikers for excessive speeding are an indication that there is general lawlessness and disobedience in Gauteng.

A disappointed Gauteng Traffic Police spokesperson Sello Maremane made the remarks after eleven drivers were recently found excessively speeding on Gauteng roads.

He said the arrests were made by the Gauteng Traffic Police’s high-speed unit following the operations conducted along Gauteng’s major routes and freeways.

He said the highest speed recorded was that by a 52-year-old male biker who was caught speeding at 209km/h in a 120 km/h zone along the R21 freeway.

Maremane said that the justice system was actually doing it’s part to imprison offenders but there were just those people who refused to obey the law and drove at speeds that placed their lives and the lives of other people under threat.

He said the biker was detained at the Lyttelton police station where he was formally charged with reckless and negligent driving as well as an alternative charge of exceeding the prescribed speed limit of 120km/h on a freeway.

“The lowest recorded speed of those arrested was that of a 35-year-old male caught driving at 160km/h on a prescribed 120km/h zone on the N14 freeway.” Maremane said.

He continued by saying that the age of the speedsters range from 24 to 68 and they were detained at police stations such as Olifantsfontein, Wierdabrug, and Bronkhorstspruit. They would then appear in court.

He said: “The Gauteng Traffic Police successfully clampdown on speedsters due to the use of the latest technological devices during their operations such as Moving Violation Recorders.

“The Moving Violation Recorder records the average speed measured over a minimum of 500m. The event is recorded and downloaded for investigation and prosecution purposes.

“Excessive speeding significantly contributes to the high number of road fatalities in the province. It is important that drivers continue to adhere to the general speed limit on Gauteng’s major routes in order to save lives.

“The Gauteng Traffic Police will ensure that operations are intensified in all corridors in an effort to enhance road safety.

“We call upon drivers to exercise caution by adhering to the rules of the road and to drive at the prescribed speed limit in order to save the lives of passengers and other road users.”




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