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Warmer weather expected for SA this coming week

Warmer weather is on its way with temperatures expected to start picking up from today, 15 August 2021, after large parts of the country experienced icy winds, snow and rain over the weekend.

But SA Weather Service forecaster Tukelo Chiloane said the cold was not completely over yet.

“There is a cold front that is landing on Tuesday but it’s a very small cold front and it won’t cause a lot of crazy weather, just showers and rain along the coast on Tuesday into Wednesday.

“From there, nothing significant across the whole country, just that temperatures will be gradually going up. They have been so low for the past few days. From tomorrow, they will start to pick up,” she said.

This week will bring some rain to the Western and Eastern Cape.

“We are not expecting much, the rain that we see in KZN today won’t be there tomorrow, only along the Richards Bay coast, only tomorrow. Then, throughout the week, we are not expecting anything significant. No rainfall over Gauteng or across the country except on the coast of Western Cape and Eastern Cape, just on the southern part,” she said.


Another Freezing Weekend for Gauteng

Gauteng residents have been advised to wrap up warmly on Friday with a cold front moving over the province. Friday morning kicked off with partly cloudy conditions and a strong cold wind once again bringing with it the promise of a cold weekend.

The South African Weather Service has warned of two successive cold fronts, with one already moving eastwards after making landfall in the Western Cape. The second cold front has moved through the interior, impacting Gauteng and other parts of the country’s interior.

“We want to encourage all our residents throughout the city, as they try to warm themselves, to look after all the heating devices, things like heaters, paraffin candles, Imbawula, and not to leave them unattended while in use, so that we can be able to prevent fire incidents during this cold front,” Mulaudzi said.

He said that emergency services were on standby as people try to keep themselves warm.

The weather service said that Gauteng, certain parts of the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, and Mpumalanga will most be affected by the cold weather.

Cold snap grips parts of country, but the worst is yet to come

It is definitely a cold Monday in most parts of the country, says the SA Weather Service.

The weather forecaster said the coldest areas would be the Western Cape, parts of the Northern Cape and the interior of the Eastern Cape, where maximum temperatures of 15ºC are expected.

According to its predictions, Monday will be relatively warm in Johannesburg and Pretoria – with minimum and maximum temperatures of 5°C/19°C and 7°C/21°C, respectively.

After that, minimum temperatures take a massive dip as the cold snap takes hold of the region.

Johannesburg residents should brace themselves for a minimum of 1°C on Wednesday, while Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s minimums are expected to sit at 2°C.

“It’s also going to be windy so it will feel a lot colder,” said forecaster Edward Engelbrecht.

Limpopo recorded the highest temperatures on Monday.

“For the rest of the country, we are expecting the cold front to move over the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

“There is a winter system moving over the country so we are expecting a 30% chance of showers and thundershowers over the Western and  Eastern Cape and the central interior parts of the country, namely the Free State, Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal,” said Engelbrecht.

The cold weather conditions may bring snowfall over the Lesotho mountains and the southern Drakensberg.

The weather service said the cold snap would last for a few days and it should warm slightly for the weekend.

“From Tuesday, we are expecting rain to spread to the northern and eastern parts of the country, namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the southeast parts of Limpopo,” said Engelbrecht.

“Temperatures will cool further for the rest of the country. In Gauteng we are expecting temperatures to drop on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday will probably have the coldest minimum for the week at about 3ºC or 4ºC,” said Engelbrecht.



South Africa has been hit by two successive cold fronts.

The South African Weather Services said the first one made landfall in the country on Thursday moving over the Western Cape and bringing with it widespread showers and rains.

It said another cold snap was moving from the western parts of the country on Friday, spreading to the Eastern Cape.

Isolated showers and thundershowers have been forecast for the coastal parts of the country.

Forecaster Kumsa Masizana said the Western Cape could expect cold temperatures on Friday.

“Lows of between 13 degrees and 17 degrees are expected in the Western Cape, the western half of the Eastern Cape as well as along the Lesotho border of Free State province. We are also seeing some cold temperatures in places of the Northern Cape,” she said.

Mop up operations are under way on Friday morning after heavy rains pummelled parts of the Western Cape.

Disaster Risk Management officials have completed assessments in Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Philippi East, Delft, Macassar Village and Strand among other areas.

Officials have urged residents living in a natural watercourse to move to higher ground.

Weather related power outages have been reported in several communities, including Kensington, Somerset West, Newlands and Masiphumelele.

A number of roads across the city have been waterlogged due to blocked drains.

More disruptive rain, flooding expected for Gauteng

South African Weather Services (Saws) has warned of more possible disruptive rainfall across Gauteng.  According to SAWS weather forecaster Luthando Masimini, they anticipate an 80% chance of showers and rain for the rest of the week.

“We expect there to be rain throughout the week across Gauteng. We have given a yellow warning for level two – which is for disruptive rain – which might result in localised flooding in informal settlements and roads,” said Masimini.

The heavy rain is expected to affect low-lying areas and bridges.  Masimini also added that there would be difficult driving conditions as well as road closures.

“Motorists must be aware of low-lying bridges that may be affected by floods, particularly in Gauteng’s southern areas,” said Masimini.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Saws gave a yellow level 4 warning for disruptive rain over Gauteng, the western Bushveld of Limpopo, western Mpumalanga, the central and eastern parts of North West province and the north-eastern Free State.

The Saws urged residents to avoid low-lying bridges and to maintain safe following distances as the downpours have already left some bridges and roads submerged under water.

As the rainy weather persisted, Johannesburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson Nana Radebe said: “There has been no major damage to infrastructure and there have been no reports of floods in Gauteng.”

Road users cautioned as weather service warns of disruptive rain

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula has called on all road users to exercise extreme caution on the roads as persistent rains continue to lash parts of the country.

Mbalula has urged motorists to drive with care, refrain from excessive speeding, keep a safe following distance and avoid low-lying areas which are prone to flooding.

“We know that during rainy conditions, the roads become slippery, there are flash floods in low-lying areas, infrastructure erodes and visibility is compromised. For this reason, we call on all road users to be mindful of these factors and adjust their behaviour accordingly,” said Mbalula.

The SA Weather Service has issued a yellow level 4 warning for disruptive rain over Gauteng, the western bushveld area of Limpopo, western Mpumalanga, central and eastern parts of North West and northeastern Free State for Tuesday.

The service cautioned people to avoid low-lying bridges and roads covered with water and to keep a safe following distance at all times.

Mbalula advised pedestrians to wear clothing that can be easily seen in areas with poor visibility.

He called on walkers and cyclists to avoid crossing roads submerged under large bodies of water or covered by rapidly moving streams and rivers.

“Several provinces across the country have been experiencing strong winds and heavy downpours in recent days in the wake of tropical storm Eloise. Minister Mbalula has encouraged motorists to be safety conscious at all times,” said department spokesperson Ayanda Paine.

“Forecasters expect the wet weather to continue for several days.”

Thunderstorms with possible Floods for Gauteng

The South African Weather Service said that Gauteng could expect scattered Thundershowers today with the possibility of flooding in some areas.  SAWS predicted a 60% chance of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms in the province, which is likely to continue into Thursday.  A heavy thunderstorm cause disruptions in Gauteng on Saturday, damaging property, uprooting trees and flooding in many municipalities.  The Klipriver which run from Soweto to Three Rivers burst its banks on Monday.


In Pretoria bridges were flooded and emergency services rushed to several scenes to rescue motorists out of the rising waters.

Forecaster Lehlohonolo Thobela said: “Imagine having a lot of heavy downfalls in a short space of time that results in a large amount of water that doesn’t go into the drain but results in flooding. With regard to the storms that are coming, you can look out for wet roads and possible flooding.”

Weather for this weekend

Lots of rainfall forecasted for the weekend and next week.

Good news is that weather models aren’t letting us down and we are still expecting lots of rainfall over the country starting tonight in places and over the weekend moving into next week.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected this weekend especially over the Free State, Lesotho, north and eastern parts of the Eastern Cape, KZN, southern parts of Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West, and the central and eastern parts of the Northern Cape.

On Wednesday and Thursday next week we could see a strong cut off low over the country which could lead to even more rainfall over all 9 provinces. Most rainfall will be over the Free State, Lesotho and KZN.

Total Accumulated Precip from 30 Oct – 7 Nov attached.

This forecast can still change but we are seeing consistency in the models.

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