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This afternoon we got an Alert of a suspicious vehicle that entered the area that is potentially involved in theft of motor vehicles in numerous areas.

Multiple units comprising of Fox Security Reaction and Tactical unit, Glenvista CPF members and Mondeor SAPS Crime Prevention units were placed on high alert. The vehicle was spotted scouting vehicles at the shoppong centres. SAPS was notified of the vehicles location. The suspects noticed the members monitoring them and tried to flee.

A high speed chase ensued where the vehicle lost control in Walsingham street.

All 3 suspects were arrested on scene.
False numberplates, a Jammer device, vehicle computer Boxes and keys, vehicle breaking impliments were all found in the vehicle.

Well done to all units for the swift reaction and getting these Criminals out of the area..

A special well done to Mondeor SAPS Crime Prevention Units and Glenvista Cpf.

Together taking back the streets of the South.


Dudu Myeni Former SAA Chair declared delinquent Director

Dudu Myeni, Former SAA Chair declared delinquent Director

According to Fin24, on Wednesday, the North Gauteng High Court declared Myeni a delinquent director for life.


This application was brought by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse( OUTA) and the SAA Pilots Association (SAAPA)


In a joined statement OUTA and SAAPA said that they made the decision to pursue this case three years ago and were determined to see it through.


“We are extremely pleased to see justice meted out in a prominent manner related to state capture,” said Stefanie Fick, OUTA’s Chief Legal Officer.


Chair Person SAAPA, Captain Grant Back says it is important for internal organisations to take a stand against their directors when it is necessary to do so, as was the case with Myeni during her tenure as the chair.


Jugde Ronel Tomay made the following judgment,


  • Myeni’s evidence posed serious difficulties in her defence
  • Her versions changed and she could not answer crucial parts of the evidence against her.
  • Myeni did not deem it fit to attend certain parts of the court proceedings, offering “unconvincing excuses”.
  • Myeni pleading poverty was found by the judge to be “distasteful as a professional woman who served and still serve as a director of several companies.
  • Myeni caused the demise of a lucrative deal SAA was negotiating with Emirates, which could have saved SAA or at least strengthened its financial position.
  • Myeni knowingly took SAA and the country to the brink of disaster by delaying the conclusion of the Airbus swap deal.
  • Myeni displayed complete disregard for public funds
  • To serve on the board of a state-owned airline should not be a “privilege of the politically connected”
  • Government has, as custodian of the common good, the obligation to ensure the suitable qualified people with integrity is appointed to these positions.


According to Fin24, it was estimated that the Emirates deal could bring about R1.5 billion a year for SAA and it would have enabled SAA to cancel its loss-making route to Abu Dhabi.


Testimony was led on how Myeni insisted on attending operational meetings, a highly unusual practise for a non-executive chair. SAA executives testified that, at one point she even said former President Jacob Zuma instructed her not to sign the deal.


Even though the Airbus swap was approved by Treasury, Myeni started dealing directly with Airbus and wanted to appoint a “transaction advisor” and use a certain local leasing company and financiers.


In court she could not explain why her actions were not grossly negligent.


Source: Fin24

Photo Credit: IOL.co.za

Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouchè ( photo credit timeslive)

Couple dies after drinking homemade beer

Couple dies after drinking homemade beer


Couple in Port Nolloth, Northern Cape, dies after drinking home-made beer.

It is believed that Estate Agent Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouche’s deaths were caused by drinking home-made beer.

Police spokesperson Brig Mohale Ramatseba said that Alida Fouche was found deceased in their flat in Port Nolloth,  and Tony Hilliar who was found seriously ill,

died in ICU in a local hospital several days later.


Police said it was suspected that Hilliar and his fiancé died after consuming home-made beer. Two empty bottles of the home-made brew

have been sent for forensic testing. The rest of the batch, which had not been consumed, was also seized and taken away for laboratory testing.


Close friend, Tommy Cockcroft told sapeople, “They both liked a drink at the end of each day which is typically South African, but thanks to this

poorly thought out government ban, there is no alcohol.


Everyone is making their own beer so Tony did as well but it seems something went terribly wrong with the brew and that they both collapsed and died very senseless deaths.


This alcohol ban is just beyond total belief and there is no sense whatsoever in it and the sooner people are treated like grown-ups the better.” He said.


The government has explained that the ban on alcohol has freed up beds in hospitals which would usually be used by victims of alcohol abuse.


Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, founder of Brewmasters Craft told TimesLive, that contamination can happen when people “don’t properly clean and sterilise

the utensils they are using, which could lead to contamination by bacteria.


Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouchè ( photo credit timeslive)

Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouchè ( photo credit timeslive)


Even though the bacteria might not kill you, they can spoil the product or make it unfit for human consumption. If you look at our African cultures,

there are people who have been making home brews for years. Things are out of control during the lockdown.


There are now many people wanting to produce their own homemade beverages.”  Nxusani-Mawela added that many people did not know the correct way.


South Africa, Panama and Sri Lanka were the only three countries in the world where all forms of alcohol sales are strictly prohibited by law.


Sources: sapeople, timeslive

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