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Education News: If you want to homeschool your child you need to comply with these new rules.

Parents who choose to deregister their child from a school and apply for home schooling must comply with specified legal requirements.

This is according to the updated government gazette published for the education sector.

It states that a parent, caregiver or a designated family member may choose not to send a learner to school for reasons that may include:

  • Any medical condition of the learner, including comorbidities;
  • Anxiety and fear related to Covid-19, concern for family members that are over the age of 60 or concern for family members with comorbidities;
  • A preference for the learner receiving learning and teaching instruction through the online or virtual platforms provided by an independent institution which is not related to the school that the child is registered at;
  • A preference for the learner receiving learning and teaching instruction through the online or virtual platforms provided by the school;
  • An application for home education and deregistration of a learner from the school.
  • In these cases, a parent or caregiver are required to fill out an application form and send it to the Head of Department.

Parents who refrain from sending children back to school because of fears about Covid-19 infection will first need to apply for permission from the provincial education department.

The application must also be accompanied by a form in which parents declare to take full responsibility for the child’s continued learning at home.

According to the gazette, parents have to ensure the entire child’s teaching and learning material is collected or accessed to ensure continued learning takes place.

A pupil who is deregistered from a school will have to reapply for admission and adhere to the admission requirements if they wish to return to a public school.

The required forms


The application process, are outlined in more detail in the gazette below.



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LOCKDOWN NEWS: New lockdown rules for Restaurants.

In a press briefing on Friday evening (26 June), Kubayi-Ngubane said that government has developed clear rules for both delivery and sit-down restaurants according to BusinessTech.

The full directive,containing all of the required rules, will be gazetted on Monday (29 June).

The new rules will also apply from Monday, meaning that restaurants will officially be able to open their doors then.

Delivery and general rules

All restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops must comply with the following directions:

  • Records are to be kept daily for all employees, delivery agents and patrons;
  • Each employee and delivery person must be screened on arrival and departure for shifts;
  • Workplace delivery containers must be regularly sanitised;
  • All employees should be provided with masks and hand sanitiser;
  • Employees and delivery drivers should sanitise before and after all card payments;
  • Employees and delivery drivers should maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres at all times;
  • Only one employee should occupy scullery areas and use handwash basins at a time;
  • Employees should stay in their clearly defined spaces as far as possible. this includes using clear pathways and avoiding contact with each other where possible;
  • Delivery order pick-up areas should be clearly demarcated and separate from where the food is being prepared.


Sit-down restaurants

  • Restaurants are required to conduct a screening questionnaire on guests. Restaurants may refuse admission if they deem a guest is a safety risk;
  • No person may enter the premises without a cloth mask or any homemade item that covers the nose and mouth;
  • Masks must be worn at all times except where eating and drinking;
  • All guests must sanitise before entering the premises;
  • There must be distance of at least 1.5 metres between the customer and the point-of-sale serving counter. The same distance will also apply to queuing customers and between queues at different till points;
  • Customers should also be seated 1.5 metres apart;
  • Restaurants should consider a reservation system where possible to manage demand and ensure capacity limits.

Food services

  • No self-service buffets are allowed;
  • Menus must be replaced with non-touch options or sanitised after each use;
  • Tables must be sanitised before and after each guest;
  • Where possible and while taking orders, waiting staff should stand at least a metre from the table.

The current rule for all ‘gatherings’ is 50 people, which applies to restaurants at any given time, while alcohol for onsite consumption, is still forbidden, under the current directive.

Source: BusinessTech


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