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Couple hitch a free ride on the N3 – by clinging to oil tanker

This couple has become ‘internet famous’ this week, after footage of their daring commute on the back of an oil tanker was uploaded onto Twitter. The footage has gained traction on Thursday morning, and viewers have been left gobsmacked by the scenes witnessed on the N3.

According to uploader @mike_said_what, this took place on a stretch of road near Germiston in Gauteng. We reckon his caption is the perfect summary of the brief clip…

“In any other year, and in any other country, I would be surprised.”

The video begins with a view of the couple just metres in front. A man and a woman are standing on the rear bumper of the oil tanker, clinging to the ladders on the back. The lorry has its hazards on, which – as we all know in South Africa – means you can get away with doing absolutely anything.

Whether the driver is directly involved in this free ride remains up for debate. Travelling at a steady pace, cars whizz by the Germiston journeyers, as they casually ignore the incredible risks surrounding them.



With the oil tanker only capable of reaching 80km/h, these two obviously fancied their chances. It’s believed the incident took place on Wednesday morning. There have been no reports of injuries, deaths, or serious traffic hold-ups in the region over the past 24 hours, indicating that the couple made it to their destination unscathed.

And, just so we can cover ourselves for ANY liability: Don’t try this at home, people. Or on the N3, for that matter…

‘At least nine trucks’ petrol-bombed overnight in Gauteng

Police are on the lookout for a group of suspects who orchestrated a mass arson attack in Gauteng on Thursday. Multiple trucks – in at least nine confirmed torchings – were targeted in a night of destruction on the N3 and R103.

Police say a white Toyota Quantum and a black Volkswagen – both operating with unknown registration plates – blocked the N3 and R103 at about 20.30. Petrol bombs were thrown at the trucks on two of the province’s major highways.

A statement has since been released by law enforcement officials, confirming that the Heidelberg and Vosloorus areas of Gauteng remain volatile this morning. The expansive clean-up operation is already underway.

“Seven trucks were torched on the N3 between Heidelberg and Vosloorus while two trucks were set alight on the R103. Police are investigating cases of malicious damage to property and are appealing to anyone who might have information that can lead to the apprehension of the suspects to call the nearest police station or the crime stop number: 08600 10111.”

Gauteng SAPS

On Friday morning, police confirmed that one suspect has been arrested for his role in these coordinated attacks. No motive has yet been established, but investigations will continue long into the weekend as Gauteng tries to come to terms with this act of mindless, sustained violence. No deaths or injuries have been reported as of 9:00 on 20 November.


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