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Marist Brothers Linmeyer live-streamed the first School Mass of the year

On Tuesday morning, 19th January 2021, Marist Brothers Linmeyer live-streamed the first School Mass of the year. The theme centred around welcoming and belonging to a supportive family larger than our own familiar unit.

A total number of 520 viewers, including staff, students and some parents joined to watch the Mass celebrated by Father Dryden SJ. It was an inspiration for those who attended – a time to reflect and renew our strength during these challenging times, as well as keeping us hopeful for the future.

Fr Dryden SJ – School Chaplain
Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service

Marist Brothers Linmeyer staff shared their COVID-19 experiences

Marist Brothers Linmeyer staff, Mrs Tiziana Harris (Grade 1 Educator) and Mrs Lidia Crismann (Aftercare Educator), shared their COVID-19 experiences with each grade in the Primary School from Monday, 2 November 2020 until Tuesday, 10 November 2020. These sessions were important in raising an awareness that COVID-19 stats are real, the disease is real and that students need to always wear their masks and wash their hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mrs Harris and Mrs Crismann’s COVID-19 recovery stories gave hope to students that we can beat this but also preached that prevention is better than cure. They made it real by demonstrating what happens to a person’s body when they contract the virus. Mrs Harris has comorbidities but wanted to assure students that with good healthcare and prevention, even health risk patients can beat the virus. In the pictures, Mrs Harris is wearing an apron with lungs and circulatory system to explain what happens and to show how clotting occurs in the human body.

Mrs Lidia Crismann and Mrs Tiziana Harris.
Mrs Lidia Crismann, Mrs Tiziana Harris and Grade 2 students.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer Grade 1 Professions Day

On Friday, 6th November 2020, Grade 1 students from Marist Brothers Linmeyer came to school dressed up for the Grade 1 Professions. There was an array of very interesting professions; Entomologists, Phytologists, Zoologists, Engineers and many more. It was a lovely day, enjoyed by all!

Vishay Chiba, Kaitlyn Grové, Angelica Preston and Veer Patel.

Sophia Essop, Reoratile Lesenyeho, Golibe Ede and Danielle Okoro

Joshua Peters, Tamilla Ngwenya, Kreshaylen Pillay and Trocinski

Jessie Maseko, Mzamomhle Nkosi and Tyler Harvey

Marist Brothers Linmeyer opened in 1966 with Brother Christopher as Principal. It was intended as a Primary School to replace the Koch Street School which was closing down, and most of the 258 boys transferred from Koch Street. In 1981 the first girls were admitted to Marist Brothers Linmeyer along with three staff members, namely Mrs Venter, Mrs Casasola and Mrs Karvelas. Permanent reminders of the pioneer Marist School at Koch Street were brought across to Marist Brothers Linmeyer. These included the original foundation stone as well as the original altar and the alter stone from the Koch Street chapel.

In 2016 Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated its Golden Jubilee of 50 years of academic excellence in Linmeyer. Offering an inclusive academic, cultural and co-curricular programme across the Pre-School, Primary and High Schools, our 1220 students are each encouraged to achieve their personal best. Well-qualified, dedicated educators teach an innovative curriculum in a technology – enriched learning environment hoping to nurture independent thinkers for lifelong learning.

Local News: Marist Brothers celebrated the School’s Name Day with an online Mass.

On Friday, 11th September 2020, Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated the School’s Name Day with an online Mass.

Grade 1 students and Grade 1 educator, Mrs Nuyten, praying.

Primary School students watching the Name Day Mass being live-streamed in the classroom.

Fr Dryden, our School Chaplain, giving a sermon online.

The School, previously known as Marian College, was named after Mary, the Mother of Our Lord and usually celebrates this on the feast of Her nativity – 8 September.

It was a lovely day enjoyed by all!

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