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Pick n Pay launches their Feed the Nation Campaign.

Pick n Pay is partnering with customers to help communities in dire need for food.  The Feed the Nation campaign has already helped more than 1.2 million South Africans.


Communities are struggling to feed themselves due to loss of income.

Pick n Pay launched a relief fund to provide food and basic hygiene essentials to those who are most vulnerable under our lockdown.


How can you help?

You can either give a R21 donation either online or at an in-store till point. This small donation of R21 will provide those in need with a daily, healthy meal for a week.

Customers and companies can also buy food hampers, prices ranging from R250 – R800.

All cash donations will go straight to FoodForward SA and Joint Aid Management ( JAM) their main focus, feeding children and food for shelters.

They work with a variety of organisations in South Africa and feed more than 500 000 people daily.


Source: Daily Maverick

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We won’t be eating at Spur for a while.

Spur has announced that their restaurants wont re-open at the end of the lockdown, as physical distancing rules are expected to apply again.

Spur closed

Spur Groups Chief Operating Officer, Mark Farrelly said in a letter to their landlords, that Rocomamas and Panarottis,

which fall under the group will also remain closed as long as they face restrictions regarding the amount of customers allowed in the restaurant and selling alcohol.


“On average our turnover has dropped over 70% and it proved impossible to run a viable business with the restrictions in place.

One of our major concerns is that we are going into winter ( flu season) and rightfully, people will continue to be alarmed by anyone coughing or sneezing,”Farrelly wrote.


When the Spur restaurants open again, landlords can only expect no more than 6% of turnover as a rental payment.


Spur has over 600 outlets and their franchisees employee more than 30 000 people.


Source: Business Insider




Here’s the rundown:

– Family applies for permit to have a funeral service
– Requests permission that service be held at home and church – times specified
– Church inspected by authorities for compliance
– Family gets affidavit
– Family invites attendees ( mourners)
– Pastor applies for permit to conduct funeral
– Pastor gets affidavit confirming he’s appointed by family
– Pastor explains regulation to family (such as no touching of corpse; sanitizing of hands, coffin, etc)
– Undertaker obtains affidavit clearly stating the route
– At church Pastor explains procedure before mourners enter
– Attendance register is completed
– Strictly 50 people allowed
– Service takes 1 hour
– Sanitize everybody;
– No sharing of Mics; dedicated Mics for Singers and MC
– Mic used for speeches be sanitized after every speaker
– Social distancing is a must!
– Pallbearers put on gloves
– After Service use designated route to cemetery . No deviation
– At cemetery gate, authorities inspect all documents and take originals (Make sure you have photocopies of everything, including the register)
– Mourners and cars are physically counted
– Each car must carry half the usual load
– Any person beyond the required 50 is denied access
– After short graveside Service you don’t fill up the grave, you leave it the Municipality workers will do the rest. 3 family members stay behind to witness the closure of the grave
– The rest of the mourners go back to the house, collect take away and leave. No hanging around; No after service prayer for the family
– All related Permits expire.


Proudly South African, Chefs share their recipes among the world’s best.

Chef: Flavel Monteiro was inspired to publish a free e -cookbook, featuring the best chefs from all over the world sharing their divine recipes.


We get a rare glimpse into some of the best restaurants in the world.

Chef Veronica Canha- Hibbert from the Silo in Cape Town and Chocolatier Stephanie Ceronio from Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio

in Pretoria represented South Africa in this e-Cookbook.


They shared these amazing recipes,

Page 234 – Chef Veronica Canha- Hibbert shared her recipe for Coffee Sous Vide Ostrich Fillet

Page 274 – Chocolatier Stephanie Ceronio shared her recipe for Beurre Noisette Toffee Cookies

Page 289 – Chocolatier Stephanie Ceronio shared her recipe for her signature Bonbons

Page 332 – Chocolatier Stephanie Ceronio shared her recipe for Basic But Perfect Pasta


Here is the link to view the free Gourmet Cookbook.


Source: Good Guy Things

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Online Mathematics

Online mathematical videos to assist your child

Online Mathematical videos to assist in your child’s home schooling


View these online mathematical videos to assist in your child’s home schooling from educator, trainer and researcher, Liezel Blom.



Liezel Blom, Mathematics educator for over 25 years and founder of SATeacher in 2003, is the most published Mathematics author in South Africa with more than 300 titles.


She already trained more than 12 000 educators and parents, from the most rural schools to the most sophisticated and well performing private schools in South Africa.


Her hands-on and practical approach to mathematics makes her the most sought-after facilitator in South Africa.


All techniques and methodology shared in her sessions, and now online lessons, are based on best practice that was international researched.


It is practical, easy to apply and makes a difference in understanding Mathematics for teachers and learners alike.


Grades 1-3 and Grades 4 -7

The youtube channel is: /www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTzhgYXRNQdv3wlOITi2Og

and the supporting resources can be downloaded from www.sateacherestore.co.za

The Corona Pandemic is causing anxiety?

The Corona Pandemic is causing anxiety among millions of people. Here are four ways to cope with Covid-19 anxiety.

Suffering from Sleeplessness?

Unfortunately anxiety can lead to insomnia and other related sleep disorders.

Jill Stoddard, a clinical phycologist said the following, “People can experience a range of sleep problems when they are anxious: difficulty falling asleep, middle of the night awakenings with mind racing and ruminating, and having a hard time falling back to sleep. In a cruel cycle the less sleep we get, the stronger our anxiety can become.”

Brandon Peters, a neurologist in Seattle recommends the following.

Maintain a consistent bedtime, try to drink less caffeine, alcohol intake can also have an effect.  Removing visible alarm clocks, exercise and if possible exposure to some daylight every day.Try to avoid anxiety provoking news when you are getting ready to go to bed.


Are you struggling to focus?

It’s part of our human nature to focus our attention on a threat.  Coronavirus threatens our health, our livelihoods and due to this we are constantly reading and watching the news trying to think of ideas to protect ourselves and families.

Jonathan Abramowitz, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina said the following, “The brain can only do so much. When our attention is absorbed by coronavirus, we have a harder time concentrating on anything else we are trying to do in the moment.”

Aldoa advises the following, “To improve your concentration, try by reducing your tasks to the most essential ones.  In the evening list everything that needs to be done the next day, and rank them by importance and urgency. Be kind to yourself by accepting that it is completely normal for our functioning to be compromised during this stressful time.”


Are you forgetting things?

So many of us are currently home schooling and working at the same time. It can be difficult remembering relevant information.

Aleksandra Parpura, a gerontologist said the following,” Anything that relaxes you will also help with memory, as relaxation engages the parasympathetic nervous system.”

Good examples of relaxation include yoga, exercise, spending time outside, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, crafts.


Suffering from increased irritability and anger?

All of us are stressed beyond our means. Suffering from cabin fever, everyone being on top of each other can certainly cause anger and irritability.


Studies have shown that anxiety can fuel these emotions.

Abramowitz advises, “The first step in preventing your anxiety from hurting your relationships is noticing and acknowledging that anxiety before it turns to anger. Once you catch yourself, you can choose to either temporarily distance yourself from others, or share those feelings with the people in your surroundings. Or visualise a safe beautiful place, preferable one that you can remember visiting, and imagine yourself moving through it, focusing on the experience of all five senses. ”


Source: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Businesses and countries have placed restrictions on using Zoom

A London based bank decided to distance itself from Zoom after hackers exposed security flaws relating to Zoom.

This included inserting vulgar images into presentations or shouting racial insults to participants.

Unfortunately these “Zoom Bombings” have rattled users from around the world who are using this service to stay connected during lockdown.

Since March 2020, Zoom has an estimate of 200 million people using its system everyday.

Banks around the world are extremely worried about cyber security relating to customer information.

Germany and Taiwan, as well as Elon Musk’s SpaceX to New York City’s public school system has placed restrictions on Zoom.

In a statement, Zoom said many global customers including financial firms, telecommunications companies, universities and government agencies had performed “exhaustive security reviews” of its technology and chosen it as a service.

Eric Yaun, Zoom Founder, appointed former Facebook Inc Security Chief, Alex Stamos as an advisor on safety and privacy concerns to quell the immense backlash against Zoom’s alleged flaws.



Photo Credit: blankspaces


Lock Down Extension Phase 2 New Rules

Lock down Phase 2: Here’s what we know about rules and how restrictions will change

Lock down SA

Cooked food is still off the menu – and supermarkets can’t sell hot roast chicken or pies

There’s no sign of a relaxation on the alcohol ban

Cigarette sales remain banned

Emergency workers will be able to get their cars repaired – and you can call out a plumber or an electrician

Specifically included in the list of artisans allowed to do emergency repair work:
• Locksmiths
• Glaziers
• Roof repairers
• Plumbers
• Electricians

For more information follow link below

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary special to be streamed for free on YouTube

The musical maker has announced his show will be available online from Friday


Musical maker Andrew Lloyd Webber will stream his anniversary production of The Phantom of the Opera on his new YouTube channel from 7pm on Friday (17 April).

The 25th-anniversary concert production, filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2011 features Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine. It will be available for 48 hours.


The show is the third in a new series of Lloyd Webber’s works that are being streamed for free online while a lockdown of UK households continues, which has seen theatres closed up and down the country. You can tune in here on Friday for more.


The epic 2011 production, inspired by Hal Prince and Gillian Lynne’s original staging and directed by Laurence Connor, featured a cast and orchestra of over 200, plus some special guest appearances.




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