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Lift launches dog-friendly flights

South Africa’s newest airline LIFT has launched a dog-friendly flight offering, allowing customers to travel with their small dogs on board in a pet-friendly carrier bag placed under the seat in front of them.

To qualify small dogs need to be at least 10 weeks old and able to fit into a dog carrier bag no bigger than 28cm x 20cm x 45cm to ensure they fit under the seat. The cost of the dog-friendly booking (blocked-off seat) will be equal to the fare paid by the accompanying adult.

LIFT co-founder Jonathan Ayache said as a customer-focused airline, LIFT was flexible to the changing needs of our travellers.

“We regularly engage with our customers to understand what new service offerings and other enhancements can be made to improve their experience with us, and a prominent call has been for their pets to travel with them during their flights.

“Many loving ‘paw-rents’ can’t always make use of pet hotels, family or friends to look after their pets. Moreover, they want these four-legged family members to be included when they travel, and this has up until now not been possible when travelling by plane.

“We know that dogs are important members of our customers’ families, and we are proud to offer this new service that will enable them to travel safely with them in the cabin,” he said.

Only a limited number of dogs are allowed to travel on selected flights. Customers travelling with their dogs will need to purchase an additional seat in a specific area of the cabin. The window seat will be blocked for the pet and the accompanying pet owner will need to be seated in the adjacent (middle) seat.

Bookings will need to be made at least 72 hours before departure. Travellers will need to show all the relevant travel documents for their furry companions, including veterinary health statements and up-to-date vaccination certificates.

LIFT currently operate to the following destinations:

  • Cape Town – Johannesburg (daily)
  • Johannesburg – Cape Town (daily)

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