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Husband and his wife to appear in court for the disappearance and murder of a nine-year old girl in Eden Park

Police on Tuesday afternoon, 10 November 2020 swiftly arrested two male suspects aged 16 and 36 in Tsietsi Phase 6 in Eden Park, following the discovery of the body of a nine-year-old girl who had been missing since around 07:00 that morning.

According to the mother of the deceased, she had sent her nine-year old daughter to a nearby tuckshop at around 07:00 and that was the last time the child was seen as she did not return home.

The child was however, only reported missing at Eden Park SAPS around 14:00 and police immediately activated a multi-disciplinary search party and together with some community members, started searching for the child.

At the tuckshop where the child had gone, the 16-year-old suspect who assists there could not provide satisfactory answers on being questioned about the whereabouts of the missing child and this, is when the search was extended to his room where the body of the nine-year-old girl was found with a stab wound to the upper body, wrapped in plastic.

The minor suspect and the 36-year-old tuckshop owner were subsequently both arrested and it was found that the latter suspect was in possession of a fraudulent RSA identity document (ID).

In the meantime, police have since warned the community to refrain from acts of mob justice after the 27-year-old wife of the older suspect was allegedly attacked and injured by community members just after the arrests. Police were able to rescue the woman who was then transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Further investigation into this case saw police also arrest the injured woman as an accomplice and she remains in hospital under police guard.

The two male suspects are expected to appear in the Palm Ridge Magistrate Court today, 12 November 2020, with the third suspect, woman, appearing in absentia. The three have been charged with kidnapping, murder, and contravention of the Immigration Act.

The public is reminded that there is absolutely no waiting period to report a missing person. The SAPS commits to giving priority attention to cases where women, children and other vulnerable persons are victims.

Kidnapping goes wrong as man gets caught while escaping with 10-month-old-baby

He held the baby boy in his arms, pretending to be playing with him, but the next moment, he disappeared with the little one. However, he didn’t get far as the community gave chase and the baby snatcher had to abandon the baby.

Residents of Leratong Village near Kagiso, Mogale City, then grabbed him and gave him a few klaps.  The 20-year-old suspect is now in jail after he tried to kidnap the 10 month-old-baby.

Kagiso cops are warning mothers to be vigilant and look after their children.

Baby Wamashudu’s mum, Precious Khorombi (24), said she was in her garage while he played in the yard with two children.

She said the suspect came and played with the kids and she didn’t see anything wrong with it as she thought the guy loved kids.

“I greeted him, but didn’t see his face. I later asked one of the kids to go buy snacks and took my son to breastfeed him.

“The suspect didn’t go and when I brought the child back, he took him and they continued to play,” she told Daily Sun.

Precious said she went back into the house. Minutes later the two children, aged five and six, came running into the house to tell her the man had disappeared with her baby.

When Precious ran outside, her friend confirmed seeing the suspect carrying her baby.

They ran in his direction and alerted other residents.

Realizing he was being followed, the suspect abandoned the child and fled.

But he was cornered and eventually caught by the residents, who handed him over to the police.

Precious said she was grateful her baby was found.

A case of kidnapping was opened at Kagiso Police Station.

Kagiso station commander Brigadier Themba Maduna said: “We urge mothers to be more cautious and protective over their children, especially around strangers.

“The child’s mother should have reacted immediately when she noticed a strange man holding her baby,” he said.

How to Escape a Kidnapper as an Adult

Letting an abductor take you to a second location reduces your odds of getting out alive. Follow these steps to thwart them early.


  • : Fighting back against an assailant is risky and could lead to injury.
  • Step 1: Make a fuss Make a lot of noise. At the initial point of contact, your abductor’s biggest fear is having attention called to them. Raise enough of a ruckus and they may end up running away from you.
  • TIP: Yelling “FIRE” is more effective at getting attention than yelling “HELP.”
  • Step 2: Fight back Fight back however you can – kick, bite, claw, or punch. Research shows you have a better chance of escaping a weaponless attacker by resisting. It may even be worth the risk if they’re brandishing a gun or knife, in order to prevent them taking you to a second location.
  • TIP: If they grab your arm, wave it up and behind you in a rapid windmill motion, which can break their grip.
  • Step 3: Escape a moving car If the abductor gets you into a vehicle, try to jump out in a populated area where you can quickly get help. If you’re locked in a trunk, feel around for a latch to release the lock, or find the wire connected to the taillights and yank it hard enough to cause them to go out, which may attract a police officer.
  • Step 4: Crash the car If you’re in the car and can’t open a door to jump out, crash the car by yanking the steering wheel, or try to throw it into another gear. If your captor stops the car for any reason, jam something into the ignition so the car won’t restart.
  • Step 5: Leave clues Leave clues in the car, and wherever you’re taken along the way – a piece of jewelry, a clump of your hair, a distinctive button. They could help police pinpoint your location.
  • Step 6: Observe your surroundings If they bring you to another location, keep your eyes open for possible escape routes. Flip the lights on and off repeatedly if you can; cops may recognize that as a distress signal. Observe your captor’s routine so you can gauge a good time to try to break free.
  • TIP: Ask to use the bathroom, and then jam a toilet with something. An overflowing toilet might provide the distraction you need to escape, or get someone else’s attention.
  • Step 7: Call 10111 If you manage to dial 10111, leave the phone connected, and then get away from it. If you don’t stay with the phone, the kidnapper might not notice it’s been dialed, and this could buy enough time for the police to trace your location.
  • Step 8: Leave evidence Try to claw your attacker so that, if the worst happens, their DNA will be under your fingernails.
  • FACT: The majority of adult abductions are women who are taken by men they know, whether it’s a partner, an ex, or an acquaintance.

News: Tips to keep your children safe.

After the kidnapping attempt of the little girl in Florida by Naseem Slamang, all parents should be vigilant.

“The last thing you want to do is instill a sense of fear in your child but a healthy awareness of the dangers of the world could end up saving their lives,” said Casey Rousseau from 1st for Women Insurance.

“When it comes to kidnapping, the more knowledge both the parent and child have, the better their chances of identifying kidnappers and preventing the unthinkable from happening,” she explained.

Rousseau has the following advice for parents and children.

Eyes open

Always keep an eye out for strangers loitering nearby. Avoid being distracted by your phone or other devices and duties / activities that you aren’t fully aware of your surroundings. Kidnappings happen in a matter of seconds. If you see anything untoward, report it to the authorities.

Avoid danger areas

Avoid spots where you can become easily separated from your kids and where they can disappear in the masses. Teach your kids to always be in a well-protected and monitored area, where a responsible adult or authority is nearby. Also start right at your own doorstep and make sure that your home is thoroughly secured against would-be kidnappers.

Who you gonna call?

A two-way line of communication should be available between parents and kids at all times. Instruct your kids to call you immediately when something is amiss or when there’s a change in plans that they haven’t cleared with you, even if it comes from someone they know well. They should also know their own address, home phone number, your cellphone number and emergency contact numbers.

ID check

Instill a healthy sense of scepticism in your kids. When someone claims to be an official or to know you, insist that they check with you to verify this.

Keep your friends close

Kids should always be close to their parents, particularly in busy, public spaces. If your kids go out, they should always take a friend with them, especially to a place they haven’t been before. Ideally, a responsible adult should also be in the vicinity in case something goes awry.

Make sure the school has done its homework

Your child’s school must have proactive measures in place against kidnapping and enforce these to ensure your child’s safety.

Have a backup plan

Your kids should always know what they should do and where they should meet you if they are lost in a public area. This will help even if you don’t have cellphone reception.

Move as fast as you can, make as much noise as possible

If someone follows your kids, tries to restrain them or force them into a car, they should run and scream as loudly as they can.

Tracking apps and panic buttons

Use technology at your disposal to know where your kids are at all times and to allow them to alert you immediately if need be.

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News: Naseem Slamang charged for attempted kidnapping.

Naseem Slamang who tried to snatch the little girl from a restaurant in Florida has appeared in court.

He has been charged with attempted kidnapping, assault with the intend to cause grievous bodily harm and common assault for attempting to snatch a four year old child in Florida.

He appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate court on Monday and will remain in custody until his next court appearance on 17 September.

Dishal Sooku, the restaurant owner and hero saved the little girl during the struggle.

News: Four suspects to appear in court for kidnapping two children.

Four suspects aged between 21 and 50 are expected to appear before court for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of two children aged 11 and 14 respectively, during a house robbery at Siyabuswa.

The investigation by police revealed that the children, whose father is a businessman, were kidnapped by four armed men, on Thursday, 10 September 2020, who then took them to a house in Limpopo. The suspects also made off with personal belongings including a vehicle (Nissan Livina) as well as an undisclosed amount of cash. The stolen vehicle was however found left abandoned not far from the victims’ house and the children were driven in a different vehicle.

The suspects then contacted the kids’ parents and demanded a ransom for their release. The matter was reported to the police and a manhunt ensued where a team comprising of various formations within the police was activated.

On Friday, 11 September 2020, the team followed information which shed light into where the kids were being held hostage. They (team members) responded to the information where they managed to make a breakthrough whereupon four suspects were arrested and the children were safely found. The suspects were found in possession of a firearm as well as some belongings believed to have been taken during the robbery. A grey Hyundai Elantra (sedan) which was used by the men to carry out their evil plan was confiscated as well.

The suspects are expected to appear at the Mdutjana Magistrate’s Court on 14 September 2020, facing charges of house robbery, kidnapping and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police cannot rule out any possibility of linking them to other cases.

“We are very proud of these members for acting swiftly in ensuring that the children are brought back to their parents unharmed. We urge the public to assist with information that could lead to the whereabouts of one outstanding suspect, “said General Zuma.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the wanted suspect in this case can kindly contact Detective Lieutenant Colonel Jan Phofele at 079 499 5244 or call the Crime Stop number 08600 1011, alternatively a tip-off can be dropped on the MySAPSApp that can be downloaded to any smartphone.

All information will be treated with confidentiality and callers may opt to remain anonymous.

News: Watch as a member of the public saves a child from being kidnapped.

A family was sitting at Bella Napoli in Florida, West Rand, when a man jumped over the balustrade and grabbed the little girl.

A member of the public immediately intervened and rescued her from being kidnapped. A struggle ensued and the suspect was restrained.


The suspect was arrested at the scene.

Keeping your child safe

* Please ensure you know where your children are at all times and visa versa.

* Make sure your children know not to listen or talk to any strangers that approach them in a mall, restaurant or public area.

* Make sure your children know where you are seated before letting them go to the play area.

* Unfortunately, when children are unsure of their situation they tend keep quiet and follow instruction especially when talking to adults. Let them know it is okay to shout or scream for mom or dad if they are pulled anywhere.

Crime News: Elderly man held hostage while suspects cleaned out his bank accounts at filling stations

Three people believed to be part of a kidnapping racket were on Wednesday arrested in Pretoria, as police probe a kidnapping incident where a 76-year-old man was reportedly held hostage overnight while his bank accounts were being emptied at nearby filling stations.

“An intelligence driven operation by the (SAPS elite crime fighting unit)Hawks’ tactical operations management section (Toms) at national office in concert with Tshwane Metro Police and K9 unit as well as Tracker Connect executed the delicate rescue procedure with precision,” Hawks spokesperson Captain Lloyd Ramovha said.

“The officers took up their strategic positions and identified a suspicious Hyundai i20 hatchback entering into a local petrol station with two occupants. The two suspects then exited the vehicle, went to the automatic teller machine where they withdrew money in several transactions and drove off.”

The vehicle was followed by police officers and stopped.

“They apprehended the two suspects who were found in possession of the victims bank card and other valuables. The suspects then gave details of an address where the victim was being held hostage.

“The identified premises were accessed; one more suspect was apprehended from the premises,” Ramovha said.

“The shocked but unharmed victim was rescued and his vehicle was also recovered from the scene. The vehicle that was used in the commission of a crime has been seized as well as cash, cell phones and the victims’ bank cards for further investigation.”

He said the three suspects, aged 34, 36 and 37, are expected to appear in a Pretoria court within 48 hours. “They have been charged for kidnapping, extortion and possession of stolen property,” Ramovha said.

African News Agency/ANA

Crime News: Southern Africa ‘fertile ground’ for extremism – expert warns

Jakkie Cilliers, head of African futures and innovation at the Institute for Security Studies, said SA was a prime target for kidnappings given its relative wealth compared to other countries on the continent.

He said the rise in kidnappings reflected a decline in the criminal justice system and efficiency of intelligence services.

For a number of years, foreign organised crime syndicates have been coming into SA to commit crimes, especially those such as kidnappings. With  law enforcement deteriorating to such a degree, foreign criminal syndicates operates in SA with impunity,” he said.

Cilliers said it was well known that kidnapping syndicates used ransoms as a source of finance for other criminal networks.

Extremist organisations are able to take root when there is a collapse or failure in governance as we see happening in northern Mozambique.

“Such rooting and linkages with violent criminal organisations is happening across southern Africa, including in SA. Three years ago I would say it was unlikely that extremism would find a footing in SA, but opportunities are being created by local governance failures, which have seen the creation of fertile ground for these kinds of organisations.”

He described the situation as highly concerning. “The absence of proper border security and policing failures allows these groups [kidnappers] to gain footholds to operate here.”

Private investigator Jack Brice said intelligence showed there was a definite link between kidnapping syndicates and foreign-based crime organisations. He said those behind the kidnappings were typically well-trained, heavily armed and highly organised.

“These crimes are definitely on the rise. There is a lot of money made through ransoms, which vary between R20m and R40m,” he said.

“The ransoms are used to fund the commission of other crimes, including the purchasing of weapons and organisations involved in extremism.”

Brice said those kidnapped were often wealthy foreign businessmen operating in SA.

“Kidnappings are not carried out by Mickey Mouse organisations. These groups do their homework, using their own extensive intelligence networks to scope out their targets often months before they have even arrived in SA.”

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