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Voter registration weekend

Voters will be able to register on 17 and 18 July at specially set up points in their wards for the upcoming local government elections, the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has confirmed.

IEC chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo told a gathering of the South African Editors Forum on Wednesday that, due to the commission’s finances, there would only be one voter registration weekend.

There are usually two or three such weekends before an election, and before the elections are promulgated and the voters’ roll is closed.

IEC says “No” for postponing local government elections

In spite of a budget cut and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Independent Electorial Commission (IEC) said that it was on track to run local government elections this year and poured cold water on the possibility of postponing the polls.

Some political parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), wanted the elections delayed as the lockdown had limited their ability to campaign and the country faced a possible third wave of infections.

Officials on Tuesday night updated Parliament’s portfolio committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs on the IEC’s readiness for the polls.

Municipal councils’ five-year term ends on 4 August and the Constitution said that elections must be held within 90 days, which meant by 1 November.

On postponing the polls, IEC deputy chief electoral officer, Masego Sheburi, had this to say: “In our view, there are no constitutional mechanisms to allow for an election beyond 90 days – the only avenue that we think is available is for an amendment to the Constitution.”

However, to be passed, this would likely require a super-majority in Parliament.

“On this understanding, the posture of the commission is that it must stand ready to deliver free and fair elections whenever they are called, in any case, not beyond the 1st of November.”

Sheburi said that if somehow a way was found to lawfully postpone the elections, the IEC would fall in line with those plans.

“But not to prepare and stand ready at the earliest opportunity to deliver elections will amount to a constitutional dereliction of duty on behalf of the commission.”

It will be up to Cogta Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to proclaim the date of the elections. The IEC said that she was involved in discussions within government around this.

SA Headed for Civil War as EFF Vows to Overthrow ANC Government

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have stated that should alleged voter fraud not be urgently addressed, and corruption rooted out of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), they are prepared to forgo the electoral process and overthrow the ANC government. 

The latest remarks by the infamous Malema party, were made in a statement on Wednesday 9 December after  IEC officials were arrested in connection with allegations made by the EFF that their own “party agents” had caught the officials tampering with the municipal elections held in November.

“No other choice but to conduct a militant struggle to overthrow a despotic and corrupt regime of criminals”

The EFF stated that they would have “no other choice but to conduct a militant struggle to overthrow a despotic and corrupt regime of criminals” should the IEC not be drained of corruption. The EFF alleged that the individuals responsible had been commissioned by the African National Congress (ANC) to carry out the fraud.

In a statement The EFF said  that the arrest of three people caught tampering with votes in fraudulently voting in ward 15, Nkomazi municipality, was welcomed.

“These individuals, who do not reside in ward 15, were part of the contingent that has been bussed in by the ANC to steal electoral power.”

The allegations made by the party have been referred to the South African Police Service (SAPS), and more information will be provided as the events progresses.

“It is a common trend that the EFF has long pointed out, and places the ANC in a generation of failed liberation movements that undermine democracy in power,” the party said.

Arrests included the detaining of a presiding officer, a zip-zip scanner controller and a voters roll station controller. The EFF suspect that fraud has been happening since the opening of the station, “effectively meaning that the election process in Nkomazi has been compromised”.

The EFF believes that the IEC is captured by “corrupt and partisan individuals” and said that they are working with the ANC to rig elections.

“This incident revealed that the Local Government Elections in 2021 must be closely monitored as the ruling party is willing to do anything to retain power,” they said, demanding an explanation of what exactly happened in Nkomazi.

The EFF vowed that should the IEC not do its utmost to ensure free and fair elections, they would pursue other, more militant, avenues through which to contest the ruling party.

“It must be noted that we took a resolution to contest political power by any means necessary, and the electoral process is one such avenue. However, if the IEC does not conduct free and fair elections, the EFF will have no other choice but to conduct a militant struggle to overthrow a despotic and corrupt regime of criminals.”

DA loses big in By-elections

According to preliminary results issued by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), it appears that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is the biggest loser in Wednesday’s by-elections.  Results are still being tallied, with the final outcome expected to be announced at midday, but the DA appears to have lost at least eight seats in Gauteng, the North West, Northern Cape and the Western Cape.

In another development, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) appears to have outshone the African National Congress (ANC) during the by-elections in KwaZulu-Natal. Preliminary results shows that the IFP has taken five out of 12 wards contested in KwaZulu-Natal. This includes a ward in Nkandla, which was previously under the ANC. The DA appears to have retained three wards in KZN, while the ANC retained four.

In Gauteng, the DA has been the biggest loser where it lost two wards to the ANC and another two to the Patriotic Alliance and the Al Jama-Ah party. The ANC seems to have won in 12 of the 14 wards contested in Gauteng. 11 wards were contested in the Western Cape and the DA lost one ward to the Good Party while managing to retain eight wards. The ANC retained two wards in the Western Cape. The ANC won 19 seats in the Nothern Cape including two snatched from the DA.  The DA managed to hold on to Renosterberg Local Municipality.  In the Eastern Cape the DA won 1 ward while the ANC retained 18.

In Mpumalanga the DA managed to keep two wards while the ANC retained three wards. The DA lost two wards to the ANC and Freedom Front Plus in the six that were contested in the North West.
In total, the ANC won five wards in the North West.

In the Free State, so far the DA has managed to retain its ward in the Matjhabeng Local Municipality while the ANC has kept its two wards in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality.


The IEC rejects Action SA’s Appeal

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has rejected Action SA’s appeal to be registered as a political party in South Africa.  The commission said in response that Action SA’s application was rejected because of similarities with another political party and its use of the South African Flag.

Action SA was founded by former Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba.

“We represent all South Africans who are determined to set our country free from the restraints of a broken political system and build a prosperous, non-racial and secure future for all its people.

“We will act as one to build a South Africa we can all be proud of. We will act as one to put our values and principles into action. We will not be a party of words, we will be a party of deeds.”

The time for talking is over, South Africa needs action!

  • The Party List System prioritises representation in the Legislative arm of government at the expense of direct accountability. The Party List system serves the interest of career politicians over the interests of the people.
  • South Africans should have a direct say in electing their Public Representatives through a mixed electoral system that combines proportional representation with a constituency-based system.
  • While we continue to advocate for Electoral Reform, our party will practice this by adopting a Primary Election system where people can directly elect our candidates for public office.


Mashaba said Action SA will consult with its legal advisors to decide the next step.


All systems go for upcoming by-elections

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed by-election results would be announced at 12 pm on Thursday, 12 November.

The by-elections, which will be held on 11 November, would take place in 95 wards across 55 municipalities in the country, after election activities were suspended in March this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Briefing the media on preparations for the elections on Monday, IEC chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo said the elections were contested by 40 political parties, while a total of 444 candidates were certified as contestants.

“This includes 19 independent candidates,” he added.

The IEC chief said that the 95 wards had seen 609,133 voters register for the elections.

“23,008 have been approved to cast a special vote after applying to do so, with 12,218 of the total being applied via home visits and 10,790 at their voting station. The special votes will be cast on Tuesday [10 November] instead,” he said.

He added that voting scheduled to take place between 7 am and 9 pm across 455 voting stations.

“Of these voting stations, 233 are in schools, while 65 are in places of worship and 157 are in other structures.

“The IEC is of view that the elections will be free, fair, and safe as long as all stakeholders conform to the strict safety measures and protocols put in place at voting stations.

“R3 million has been spent on Covid-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, and face shields, which have been procured for election staff for voting stations and for conducting home visits for those voters who are physically disabled, infirm or pregnant,” he said.

“We appeal to everyone involved in the elections to abide by all the electoral laws and regulations including the code of conduct,” he added.

Mamabolo further said that the commission was also currently assessing Action SA’s objection to the dismissal of its registration application.

11-NOV-2020 Byelection Ward and Voting Station list

Election News: Voter registration this weekend

Voter registration will be held this coming weekend for 96 Municipal ward by-elections scheduled for 11 November 2020.

The by-elections will take place in 56 municipalities in all nine provinces across 461 voting districts affecting more than 600 000 registered voters.

This after by-elections were postponed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Voting stations will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00 to allow all eligible voters to register and for current voters to check their registration details.

Already registered voters have the option to check their registration status online.  Voters can also use this facility to check if they are affected by the by-elections.

The by-elections will be held under strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of voters, election staff, party agents, observers and other stakeholders.  These include implementing strict social distancing practices outside and inside voting stations along with the use of hand sanitisers as voters enter and exit the voting stations.

Voters, election staff and all those entering the voting stations will be required to wear a mask at all times.  Voters are also encouraged to bring their own pens to mark their ballot papers, although pens will be provided and sanitised after each use.

The IEC intends to clear backlog of all outstanding by-elections on 11 November 2020.

Special voting will take place at voting stations as well as through home visits on 10 November 2020 between 08:00 and 17:00.  Voters wishing to apply to cast a special vote can apply at their local IEC office during office hours between 26 and 30 October 2020

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