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Farm Murder Latest: Howick farmer killed in brutal home invasion

Armed robbers brutally murdered a Howick farmer in his home during the early hours of Friday morning in the latest of a spate of farm murders in KwaZulu-Natal.

SAPS spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said the 50-year-old farmer, Trevor Murphy, was stabbed and killed when a gang of armed robbers forced their way into his home.

“It is alleged that today at 2am, a 50-year-old man was at his farm in Howick when he was attacked by three unknown suspects who stabbed him multiple times.”

– SAPS Captain Nqobile Gwala

“They also robbed him of his valuable items such as cellphone, firearm, TV, and laptops before fleeing the scene in his vehicle. The victim was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Gwala said a female employee was asleep in her room when she was awoken by the sound of the robbers on the property.

“The female employee who was found at the scene alleged that she was sleeping in her room when she heard a noise and went to investigate,” Gwala said.

Gwala said the suspects were ransacking the house when they spotted the woman.

“The suspects spotted her, covered her face, tied her arms and legs and locked her in another room. After some time the victim managed to free herself and called for help.”

– SAPS Captain Nqobile Gwala


According to reports about the latest farm murder on social media farm watch groups the suspects had fled in the farmer’s bakkie with the stolen goods.

“The farm is just past the Ambers on the right behind Sappi as you leave Howick.  He was attacked in the early hours of the morning by three men. The suspects have fled in his bakkie and stolen some things.

The bakkie was picked up on cameras going through Merivale at 3.30am,” one report noted.

A photograph of the farmer’s vehicle that the farm murder suspects stole, a white Ford Ranger NR32220, is being circulated on social media.

Gwala said Howick police are investigating a case of murder and robbery.

Another farm murder in Free State

Tensions are rising in Free State after a brutal farm murder was reported in Hennenman. SAPS confirmed they made a ‘gruesome discovery’ on Friday morning.

SAPS have confirmed that they are searching for the perpetrators behind a heinous farm murder in Free State – just weeks after a similar crime sparked racially charged confrontations in the province. This attack took place in the quiet town of Hennenman, in the Lejweleputswa District Municipality.

We’ve had several details of this gruesome event confirmed to us by the police:

  • It is understood that the farmer was attacked in the house and suffered gunshot wounds to the head.
  • His son, aged 26, was overpowered when he arrived on the scene. He was stabbed in the back.
  • It’s suspected that two to three handguns were stolen during the robbery.
  • Police are unsure how many suspects are involved – and if they used any mode of transportation to flee the scene.

A statement has been issued by the regional police department. They revealed that the domestic worker on the farmstead discovered the body of the 56-year-old landowner, and was left with the ominous task of alerting his wife. The son, meanwhile, is still receiving hospital treatment for the injuries he suffered.

“A case of murder and house robbery is being investigated, after an attack in Swartpan farm left a farmer dead and his son injured. On Friday 6 November at 05:00, a domestic worker at the farm made the gruesome discovery. She was called by the deceased’s wife, who was concerned since she tried in vain to get hold of her husband and son.”

“The domestic worker alerted relatives after she found the 56-year-old farmers and his 26-year-old son injured. Other farmers and the police were activated and the farmer was declared dead at the scene, whilst the son was referred to a hospital for treatment. Investigations will continue throughout Friday”

SAPS statement on Free State farm murder

Senekal Protests Update

16:10 Update – The case has been postponed to 20 October 2020 for the cross-examination of the investigating officer by the defense.

15:50 Update – While results of the analysis on the blood stained clothes is still outstanding, blood samples taken from Horner’s bakkie and sent for private testing by a private investigator, revealed if was the blood of three different males, according to Captain Myburgh

15:45 Update – The only item stolen from Horner’s body, was his wallet.  A witness told police that she overheard the accused saying they took the wallet of the man they assaulted on the farm.

15:15 Update – Myburgh testifies that the bloodstained clothes seized from Mahlamba’s residence has been sent for forensic testing and analysis.

15:08 Update – The post mortem determined that Horner was strangled to death.  He also suffered stab wounds on his arms, shoulder and hands, according to Myburgh.

15:05 Update – Captain Gerhardus Myburgh is now testifying for the State in the bail application of the accused.  Captain Myburgh is on the investigating team.

14:28 – Update – The state does not intend to lead Viva Voce evidence, and will be doing so by way of evidence.  They have asked for a short postponement until 15:00

14:10 Update – It is now extremely hot in Senekal.  The EFF leadership has disappeared.

13:22 Update – Matlaletsa claims he has two previous convictions for stock theft and one for illegally buying a pig.  Through the affidavit he tells the court that he has no pending cases against him.

13:15 Update – Matlaletsa, accused no 2, says he will be pleading not guilty and will remain silent with regards to the merits of the case.  He also said he is unemployed and living of a disability grant

12:55 Update – A video was posted about an hour ago of Colonel Franz Jooste, form SADF Civil Force.  “If they want war they will get it.”

12:46 Update – The State prosecutor alledges that Mahlamba’s girlfriend refutes his assertion that he was with her the night that Brendin Horner was murdered.  She stated under oath that he did not spend the entire evening with her on October 1st 2020.

12:22 Update – The state has a witness that claims to have heard Mahlamba boasting about how he “assaulted a white man on a farm”, while they were at a tavern on the 2nd of October, late in the afternoon.

12:20 Update – The State asks Mahlamba if police recovered his bloodied trousers from the Freezer in his house.  He denies the allegation and claims that there is no deep freezer in his house.

12:13 Update – EFF supporters have burned an ANC / Ramaphosa Tshirt in Senekal.

12:10 Update – EFF supporters have gathered in front of the stage again.  They are waiting for Julius Malema to address them once the bail hearing has been concluded.

11:55 Update – Court back in session.  The state will now cross-examine Mahlamba.  The state asked about assets he may have and if he will be paying for the bail amount himself.  Note: The state prosecutor has asked the court that he not be identified or have his images taken in court, and an order to that effect was granted.

11:50 Update – Young farmer explains in Afrikaans that they simply want a peaceful protest.

11:35 – A biker has been saying praying in front of EFF supporters outside the Senekal Magistrate’s court.


11:30 Update – In court, Mahlamba claimed that he was not read his rights when arrested, and was never informed how he was linked to the murder of Brendin Horner.  He also claimed that police said they would release him.  The State will now cross-examine the accused, Mahlamba, after a short adjournment.

11:21 Update – EFF members destroy and vandalize public property.

11:12 Update – Inside the courtroom of the Senekal Magistrate’s Court.  Accused no 1 denies knowing accused no 2.  But he know where he lives

11:05 Update – The EFF wants to remove the name of Van Riebeeck Street.  Is this considered damage of state property?

11:00 Update- Reports off bricks and rocks being thrown at bikers by EFF supporters, police nowhere to be found.

10:55 Update – The first accused, Sekwetje Mahlamba has taken the stand.  He will be applying for bail via viva voce evidence.  He told the court he has a pending court case for stock theft and that he was out on bail when arrested for the murder of Brendin Horner. He coes not have a job and survives doing odd jobs, making around R1,500 a month.  He supports his girlfriend and a child.  Mahlamba said he has no previous criminal convictions and the stock theft charge is back in court in February 2021

10:45 Update – More tension between farmers and EFF

10:40 Update – The head of the African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA) is strongly condemning the EFF

10:35 Update – It seems that tension is mounting in Senekal between the EFF and opposing protesters.

Update 10:25 – The state prosecutor opposed the media application to film proceedings and broadcast live.  The prosecutor argued that the case was at a sensitive stage and that he did not believe people should read the sensitive information on social media.  The magistrate adjourned the court and will return with a ruling on the media application for live broadcast of the case against the alleged killers of Brendin Horner

Update 10:20 – Julius Malema has now entered the court in Senekal.

Update 10:15 – After some singing of banned racist songs, EFF leaders made several short speeches denouncing farmers and Afriforum as “racist”.  The EFF crowd is moving into town now.  Malema told supporters: “This town is not called Senekal, its called Matjhabeng.”  He then told the EFF crowd to march into Senekal to see “our town”.

10:10 Update – The Farmer Protest crowd have grown in numbers.

10:05 Update – EFF leaders continue to address supporters.

09:55 Update – Areas surrounding the court has been barricaded with barbed wire fences to keep groups separated as tensions mount in Senekal.  Police have shown a strong presence in the town and helicopters and water cannons are at the ready.  A short incident between EFF members and a group called Kommandokorps were quickly resolved by police before it became violent.

The South African Sense of humour stays intact.  Several people have been tweeting: “KFC should charge double today in Senekal”, “OK FOODS could make some real profit with the EFF there today”

Bheki Cele, Minister of Police has just arrived at the Senekal Magistrate’s Court.


A group of farmers are gathered on an open field in Senekal.

EFF Supporters now singing the banned racist song “Shoot to kill, Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”


Julius Malema just arrived and will be speaking to his followers now.


How did we end up here?  Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba, 32, and Piet Matlaletsa, 44, murdered the 21-year-old farm manager Brendin Horner on the 1st of October near Paul Roux.  Brendin’s body was tied to a pole with a rope around his neck.  At the first court appearance on the 6th of October, a group of angry farmers stormed the courthouse and demanded the suspects be handed over.  A police vehicle was also overturned and set alight.  52-year-old Andre Pienaar was arrested and charged with attempted murder, malicious damage to state property, and public violence.  He was denied bail earlier this week.   The two accused are due to appear in court today for the second time.

This morning, Senekal is quiet but rather tense.  Hundreds of EFF supporters have already gathered, brandishing golf clubs, cricket bats, and knopkieries.  Elsewhere a few farmers have started to gather.  Police have been out in full force since early this morning.  Although most parties present today have undertaken to keep it quiet and peaceful, there is a tense and unsettling atmosphere in the town.



EFF gathered in front of OK FOODS.

National News – Violent Farmers Must Behave

Ronald Lamola, the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, condemned the violence of protests in Senekal yesterday.  Lamola criticised calls of mob justice by the community.  Thousands of farmers and citizens flocked to Senekal yesterday as the two accused in the murder of Brendin Horner was due in court.  Chaos erupted outside the court when a group of farmers broke into the courthouse demanding that the suspects be handed over to the public.  In a statement Lamola said: “We urge the law enforcement authorities to ensure that the rule of law is maintained and an important part of that is to ensure that those responsible for undermining the administration of justice and the destruction of public property are brought to book.”

Minister Lamola said that the community undermined the rule of law.  “If such attacks against the rule of law are allowed to go unchecked, our society will run the risk of descending into anarchy. It is in the interest of everyone to ensure that respect for the rule of law is defended and upheld. “However strongly communities may feel about issues, we simply cannot allow individuals to take the law into their own hands,” he said.  In the protests a police vehicle was torched and shots were fired.

The reaction to the brutal murder of Brendin Horner has been one of anger and frustration.  Farmers are saying “Enough is enough”, and are demanding that the Bheki Cele must resign or be sacked immediately.  Farm attacks and murders in South Africa has been cause for concern as the numbers of deaths rise rapidly.  The brutality of the attacks have now reached the international news cycle.  Messages of support are pouring in from all over the world.  Lamola however insisted that vandalism and mob justice would not solve the problems, but rather contributed to the problem .

Crime News: Why did he have to die so cruelly?

The family of Afrikaans singer, Wynand Breedt, are struggling to comprehend how someone was able to shoot him in cold blood at his farm outside Worcester last week.

His mother, Beulah Breedt, and sisters, Lynette Brown and Christelle Human, told News24 that they were a very close family and there was now a void.

It’s a struggle every day to try to understand why Wynand had to die so cruelly,” said Human.

“There are no words that can describe how hurt we are. He was very special to us and always will be. He was and always will be a ‘celeb’ in our eyes.”

Breedt, 45, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest at his farm around 22:30 on Friday evening.

While the details are still being established, according to Thomas van Dalen, AfriForum’s head of community safety in the Western Cape, nothing was taken from the property.

He said last week that it was believed that Breedt and his partner, John Sinclaire, had been out, and Breedt was shot allegedly by an unknown attacker when they arrived back at the farm in the evening.

The motive for the killing has not yet been established.

Worcester police spokesperson Captain Tobela Dyasi said no one had been arrested yet.

Provincial police indicated that the Serious and Violent Crime Detective unit was still investigating and further details could not be disclosed at this stage.

Friend Tony de Klerk described Breedt as “an incredibly loving, funny person”.

“I think Wynand brought not only music into everyone’s lives, but great care and warmth to everyone that knew him,” he said.

“His enthusiasm and love for his life was shared with everyone he knew.”

André van Deventer, who met Breedt at one of his concerts, said he was a beautiful person.

“I believe especially Afrikaans music has lost one of the best,” he said on Wednesday.

Breedt ran a music academy and offered lessons in singing, music theory, guitar, keyboard and recorder.

“What I will always remember about him is his love for children, both big and small,” said Van Deventer.

“He had endless patience with them. And he also loved animals. It is actually through my guide dog that we met at a concert of [his].”

Breedt’s family thanked everyone for their messages and support.

Source: News24

Picture Credit: News24

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