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“Consequences will be harsh”, Angie Motshekga

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has said that the individuals who leaked the matric maths exam paper, will face harsh consequences.  Learners from eight provinces may have already gotten their hands on the 2nd Mathematics paper before writing the exam on Monday.  Initially it seemed the paper was only leaked in Gauteng and Limpopo but it has now come to light that the leak was far wider.  A task team was appointed to probe the matter with the assistance of the Hawks.

Learners could be banned from writing the National Senior Certificate exams for up to three years while an employee in the education system could face jail time for leaking exam papers.   “The integrity of the exam is very important, and we have to protect the integrity of the exam paper for everybody else. A learner can be banned from writing exams for three years,” Motshekga said.

Rufus Poliah, the chief director for national assessment and public examinations,  said that a team investigating the matter will report back by the end of November to determine whether a rewrite of the exam is necessary before 15 December.  The probe into the matter must be concluded by the end of January 2021.

“I mentioned on the outset, that the leakage of one paper does not compromise the examination as a whole. The responsibility of this investigative team will be to make a recommendation to the director general and to the minister to ensure that the examination as a whole was not compromised.”



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