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Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina in hot water over his tweet!


The Executive Mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni, Cllr Mzwandile Masina has announced a list of  measures intended to intervene in the recent spate sporadic power outages in the Tokoza, Phola Park and Germiston areas.

The outages have been caused by illegal connections and direct connections to distribution pillars and street lights that eventually overwhelm the grid.

Starting today, the following interventions will be implemented under the project name, “Power to the People”


Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) have been appointed to act as Energy Champions across the City.

The MMCs will be working closely with area engineers on a daily basis and will be tasked to submit two reports to the Office of the Executive Mayor, one in the morning to identify potential hotspots and risks elements in the various areas and a second report that will be submitted at 20:00 in the evening, to outline mitigation measures.

The following MMCs have been deployed to the respective Regions:

  • Ekurhuleni North – MMC Nkosindiphile Xhakaza • Ekurhuleni South – MMC Khosi Mabaso
  • Ekurhuleni East – MMC Masele Madihlaba



Construction on the new Substation in Germiston North is currently 90% complete.

Two new cables, a 132kV and 133 kV, have been installed in Wayville and are set to stabilise the energy supply in the area.

A newly built mini-substation intended to supply power to the Primrose and Lambton areas was broken into and vandalised just two days after being commissioned.

Repairs are currently underway on the substation and an investigations into the cable theft are underway.


The Mayoral Committee has resolved to present a R46 million intervention package to the Ekurhuleni Council for approval.

The package is intended to stabilise the grid in the Tokoza Area by installing another transformer to the local sub-station to increase power generation capacity.

The funds will also be used to install additional protective boxes, undertake cable reconfiguration and install split prepaid metres to contain the load.



The Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) will conduct a series of raids in areas with incidents of illegal connections.

The EMPD will be accompanied by the City’s Energy Department officials to disconnect the illegal connections and secure all metre boxes that have been tampered with.

“We cannot afford to be having prolonged power outages during these cold winter nights, it is unacceptable. We fully understand the community’s frustrations and anger at the present moment, that is why we are focusing all our energies for the next few weeks to stabilise the grid, in these various areas. We call upon Eskom engineers to cooperate and work with Eskom supplied communities, in order to find sustainable solutions to the energy issues in the area. We can no longer theorise on the this issue, we are going to the ground to fix this situation.” Said Mayor Masina.

A timeline of three weeks has been set for a speedy resolution to the unplanned and sporadic energy outages in the City of Ekurhuleni.

The City continues to call upon communities to call the Anti-Fraud and Corruption hotline on 0800 102 201 to report illegal connectio

Ekurhuleni: Our Call Centre System Is Down

Customers are informed that our Call Centre system is currently down. The following channels can be used to report municipal service interruptions during the system downtime:

  • Twitter handle: CoE_Call_Centre
  • Facebook page @ www.facebook.com or CityOfEkurhuleni
  • Siyakhokha website, email @
  • Call.Centre@ekurhuleni.gov.za
  • My Ekurhuleni App

Customers may also call or WhatsApp the numbers below in accordance with the areas their queries relate to.

Please WhatsApp after hours, and use the landlines during office hours.

The City of Ekurhuleni would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Ekurhuleni has launched ward-based war rooms in its fight against Covid-19

According to the Kempton Express,  a statement issued by the legislature in the City, highly affected wards at the moment are in Thembisa and Kathorus.

The City of Ekurhuleni has launched ward-based war rooms in its fight against Covid-19 infections in the area.

“As the City has been identified as a hot spot area in Gauteng, a tactical response was required to address immediate challenges faced by communities and to ensure oversight for service delivery through a stakeholder based approach.

The constant national increase in Covid-19 infections has necessitated municipalities to look beyond the conventional methods of service delivery to secure the livelihood of citizens during this pandemic. The ward-based service delivery approach will assist in managing infections by closing in on highly infected regions and wards, according to Kempton Express.

The war rooms were launched on Monday. These local structures will facilitate the new service delivery approach. The composition of the war rooms are in line with the six pillars of ward-based service delivery, which include comprehensive health response, economic response, law enforcement and compliance, food security, social mobilisation and state capacity and adaptability.

Ward and PR councillors will lead and chair these structures, which will report to the District Command Council. These structures are in the process of being established in all Gauteng municipalities in line with the provincial strategy.

The war rooms will operate in line with level 3 risk adjusted regulations with the objective to localise Covid-19 response. The targeted regions are the north (which includes Kempton Park) and south regions. The affected wards are in the Thembisa and Kathorus areas.

The National Department of Health has indicated that the country has not reached its peak infection level but has explained that the unprecedented increase in daily infections is due to a relaxation of lockdown regulations.

It is critical for municipalities to work closely with highly affected communities and provincial government to slow down the rate of infection, especially in hot spot areas.

Source: Kempton Express

Gauteng set to take over Ekurhuleni ambulance service

According to Kempton Express, ambulance services in Ekurhuleni could be taken over by Gauteng province by the end of June.

This move has been criticised by the DA in the metro, who believes it will violate residents’ constitutional rights to health, reports Kempton Express.

The DA says allowing this transfer to go through in its current state will be nothing short of a disaster.

Ald Tania Campbell, DA member for community safety in Ekurhuleni, said: “The DA opposes the politically driven decision to provincialise the city’s ambulance services and its employees, mainly because there was no prior consultation and the documentation about the decision has not been made available to interested parties.

“Although not smoothly operated, the City of Ekurhuleni has run the emergency medical service on behalf of the Gauteng provincial government for more than a decade.”

William Ntladi, spokesperson for Ekurhuleni emergency services, said the proposal for provincialisation was made about 10 years ago. The matter has been on and off the table for discussion as there was no tangible and confirmed date.

He said the City received the confirmed date of June 30 on January 20 this year.

“The City of Ekurhuleni is waiting for engagement between the metro’s task team and the task team of Gauteng health’s emergency services.

“No date has been set, as we are waiting for council approval to engage on the process,” added Ntladi.

The metro has no option but to provincialise the service.

“The City has been providing ambulance services on behalf of the province on an agency basis. A memorandum of agreement was signed between the City and the province, as the function of emergency medical services, constitutionally, is the function of province,” said Ntladi.

“If Ekurhuleni wants to continue with the rendering of the service, it has to apply for a licence from the MEC of health.”

Should the transfer take place, the vehicles procured by the province will be transferred back to the province. As to what will happen to staff and vehicles procured by the City of Ekurhuleni, will be determined during the engagement between the task teams.

Campbell said the City purchased specialised equipment worth R108,691,876 and province had not said a word on how it would compensate the metro.

“It is concerning that despite the City having had months to sort out the transfer of the ambulance service, it has done so without taking into consideration the backlash and negative consequences of its actions to communities.

“We are yet to receive the province’s business, implementation and transitional plans to take over this vital function.

“Should this plan be implemented, the DA believes the lives of many Ekurhuleni residents will be put at risk. Allowing this transfer to go through in its current state will be nothing short of a disaster,” said Campbell.

Source: Kempton Express

Ekurhuleni – Dumping Sites Open To Public

The City’s waste and mini disposal sites are now open and residents can dump limited general and non-hazardous solid waste for free at their closest site. This includes garden waste, rubble less than 1m3, recyclable paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, wood and metal.

Disposal of general and non-hazardous solid waste in excess of 1 000kg is charged at a standard tariff fee of R260.40 per kilogram.

To gain entry into council-owned waste disposal sites, please enter only at authorised access points. You will need to inform officials on site with information on what you want to dump, and will then be given instructions on where to dispose of it at the site.

These measures are in place to prevent informal waste pickers access to the sites. You are not allowed to bring any liquor on to landfill or refuse transfer station or mini disposal sites.

The City has recently revamped some of its mini disposal sites, including Leondale and Vosloorus, to promote cleanliness and eradicate the scourge of illegal dumping.

“We are gradually running out of space and need to do everything necessary to minimise the amount of waste reaching our disposal sites. It is our wish that these facilities must serve as catalysts to promote local economic development activities such as composting,” MMC for Environment and Waste Management Services Cllr Khosi Mabaso said.

The sites are open seven days a week, including public holidays (except on Christmas day).

Operating hours are:

April to September: 07h00 – 18h00

October to March: 07h00 – 19h00


Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina in hot water over his tweet!

Ekurhuleni Municipality faces financial crises

According to News24,  the City of Ekurhuleni has projected a R1.2 billion  revenue shortfall and a sharp increase in bad debt as cash strapped consumers battle the Covid-19 pandemic.


Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina in hot water over his tweet!
Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina


Mayor Mzwandile Masina said they expect more consumers to apply for indigent support, and the subsequent rise in bad debt.


“The revenue decline is a reality. We must now continue with revenue control for us to see it through. Sooner or later, we will have no resources because we pay Eskom and Rand Water upfront (for services)” he said


Masina said the municipality had implemented the following,


  • Six months suspension of interest on current arrears accumulated from April 1 (during lockdown)
  • Payment extensions considerations (with month to month extensions) has also been introduced
  • Debt repayment arrangements for those who were struggling
  • The council was also considering applying no increases in rates tariffs for the 2020/21 financial year.
  • 5% Discount on ratepayers current bill on settlement of arrears and the maintenance of their account up to date for a 12 month period.


Masina added that the council had applied for funds from the Disaster Relief Grant in April, but were still awaiting an outcome on the application.


Another big challenge was the non-adherence to social distancing guidelines in informal settlements, said Masina.


He also said land invasions were on the rise because many believed they would not be evicted during the lockdown.


Masina called on the provincial and national governments to increase screening and testing efforts, and for police visibility to tighten security control operations.

  • Ensure regulation compliance in public work spaces in partnership with relevant stakeholders.
  • Intensify measures of public education and awareness using various platforms
  • Define the criteria for the allocation and accessibility of the R20 billion municipal Covid-19 relief funds.


There are currently 868 Covid-19 cases in the Ekurhuleni Municipality of which 526 people have recovered.


Source: News24

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