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Alberton News: EFF destroys Clicks

Clicks at the Lemon Tree Mall was destroyed and set alight this morning.

According to Ekurhuleni emergency spokesperson Eric Maloka the employees of Clicks saw the EFF approaching the mall and they managed to close all the doors before they could enter.

“But they broke the glass door with hammers and vandalised the shelves. They also then started a fire inside the store,” Maloka said.

The 12 Clicks staff members who were inside the store managed to escape through the back entrance.

Fox Security, Fox Medical Response team, SAPS and the Ekurhuleni fire department was on the scene.

The Lemon Tree Mall was closed for the rest of the day.

News: Clicks stores destroyed across South Africa

Despite the Clicks Group CEO, Vikesh Ramsunder issuing an apology letter over their “racist advert”, the Economic Freedom Fighters are currently protesting and destroying various Clicks stores across the country.

The Clicks at Saveways Centre in Emalahleni (Witbank) was damaged in a suspected petrol-bombing on Monday morning.

Clicks at the Lemontree Shopping Centre Alberton was also damaged.

This is the scene at the Clicks Primrose Square Germiston.


Clicks has apologised for the advert on its website, as has brand TRESemmé SA.

The Open Letter

Vikesh Ramsunder, Clicks Group CEO

As Group CEO of Clicks, I am deeply disappointed that we allowed insensitive and offensive images to be published on our website. I apologise unreservedly for the hurt and anger these images have caused.

The emotive responses of our customers have been mirrored by our employees and management teams.

And, whilst the images and content were provided to us by our supplier TRESemmé , this does not absolve us from blame. This is why we took accountability for this error of judgement by issuing a public apology and swiftly removing the offensive material from our website.

Over the past few days, I have reflected deeply on what it means to be a proudly South African corporate citizen and have consulted widely with diverse stakeholders to assist me in developing a comprehensive response to make amends for our error.

Already, the negligent employees have been suspended, and we have engaged the supplier, who has now also issued an apology.

This incident has highlighted the need to audit all of our 3rd party (and our own) promotional material for any implicit or explicit bias as well as the need for diversity and inclusivity training for all of our head office employees. This will be urgently implemented.

Over the past weekend, we have convened an extraordinary Board meeting to agree our next steps. This includes prioritising our diversity and inclusion training programme. We will be re-looking at its content, extend it wider and implement with more urgency and focus.

As a long-term advocate for natural hair, Clicks has invested heavily in the natural hair market over the past three years. We work with an extensive list of suppliers – more than 20 – to ensure that we stock more than 40 natural hair care ranges in our stores. Since 2005, we have grown the number of natural hair products on shelf by over 4000%.

As a company, we cannot change what happened, but we are learning from this. We are committed to effecting real, systemic change across our business that reflects our pride in being a truly South African company. We have done a lot in terms of transformation. This issue has clearly highlighted that we have a lot more to do.

We appeal to all stakeholders to engage with us so that we redress actions to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We will take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and our employees. This includes dealing with the threat of the disruption of our business activities and intimidation of our customers and employees.


News: EFF wages war against Clicks.

Clicks on Sunday released a statement that it would be trading as normal on Monday, September 7.

“Clicks provides a much-needed healthcare service to South Africans and stores will not be closed. Contingency plans have been put in place to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.

“Clicks has taken full accountability and apologised unreservedly for the advertisement published on its website and has taken immediate action to address all concerns,”.


Quite simply, they are not happy with the apology Clicks posted in the aftermath of their controversial advert. Branding it ‘insincere’, the Red Berets have decided to hit the firm where it hurts, in their wallets

They hope that national protest action will teach Clicks a more fiscally-challenging lesson and the more who show up, the louder their message will be. After Clicks ignored the party’s written demands, the EFF is now promising to wage war against them.

According to The South African, the have branded Clicks ‘unrepentant and perverse’, as the dust refuses to settle on this one.

The EFF took to Twitter to mobilise its members to forcibly shut down all Clicks stores across the country in a tweet as the store will not be shutting down voluntarily.

“If Clicks does not close, our members in all the branches will shut down all 880 Clicks outlets across the country from Monday 7 September 2020 to Friday, 11 September 2020,” the EFF was quoted as having said in a statement.

The EFF’s move to forcibly shut down Clicks stores has triggered mixed reactions with some saying the EFF is playing judge and jury over the Clicks hair advert and others saying their demands are outrageous.


EFF: Repossess all of South Africa

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu has reiterated the party’s position that the whole of South Africa will have to be repossessed if proper land redistribution for the benefit of all is to happen.

Shivambu was delivering an EFF lecture on the expropriation of land without compensation for equal distribution and use.

The EFF and the ANC are leading the push to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to enable expropriation without compensation, but the two parties disagree about how such expropriation should be expedited.

While the ANC has been pushing for restitution, redistribution for individual South Africans, the EFF is calling for all land to be transferred to the state as the custodian.

Shivambu said the ANC-led government’s failed ambitions of reaching 30% land redistribution by 2004 and then 2014 would always fail even if the targets continued to be pushed because those who possessed land were not willing to give it up.

“It is 2020 and they have not reached the 30% because that piece-by-piece approach is subjected to litigation and unreasonable, sick demands by the colonial settlers demanding billions of rand for land they did not purchase. So, we need to repossess the whole of SA and say it is under the custodianship of the state.”


Source: Political Bureau

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