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Breaking News – Julius Malema “We are going to get them”

Julius Malema, EFF leader, vowed today that the party’s planned protest rally in Senekal will go ahead.  Farmers stormed the Courthouse on Tuesday last week demanding that the two accused in the murder of Brendin Horner be handed over.  One man was arrested and has been charged with attempted murder and damage to state property.

Minister of Police Bheki Cele and State Security Minister Ayanda Dlodlo visited the area today to convey their condolences to the Horner family and to initiate discussions with the local farming groups.  Malema was speaking outside the Randburg Magistrate’s court where he and EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi are facing charges of assaulting a policeman.  

Malema vowed that the red berets and the party’s ground forces would be in Senekal to protect state property from white protesters.  “We are not scared of them.  We are going to get them on Friday. We are going to face white men face to face,” Malema said.  Outside the courthouse Malema took a swipe at the police who maintained their presence as he addressed EFF supporters gathered there.  “You cowards allowed white people to burn your cars.  You are cowards.  We are not cowards.  We are getting them come Friday.  And there is no one who can stop us,” he told supporters outside the courthouse.

Meanwhile the DA has accused Malema of incitement to violence with his Tweets, and laid criminal charges against him.  The DA also lodged a complaint against Malema with Parliament’s ethics committee.  Malema said that the EFF would not be in Senegal to protect those accused of killing Brendin Horner, but to confront white arrogance and criminality.  “We have no business with murderers.  That black man who killed a white man must go and rot in jail.  it is not our problem.  we do not protect criminals but we will never allow white men to show us what they showed Mandela during the negotiations.  That thing must have ended here.  The white arrogance should have ended there.”

Racial Tension must be Stopped – Modise

The National Assembly Speaker, Thandi Modise, urged parliamentarians to help defuse racial tension in communities.  This in response to the angry crowd that stormed the Senekal Magistrate Court where two men appeared for the murder of the young farmer, Brendin Horner.  A 52-year-old farmer was arrested for allegedly being involved in arson and vandalising state property. Bheki Cele welcomed the news of the arrest of the man and called for more arrests to be made.

Thandi Modise stated that racial tensions could not be allowed to escalate and called on all public representatives to be alert to what is happening in cities, towns and rural areas. “Honourable, members we can’t allow for racial tensions to escalate. We really, really owe it to this country to be the people who temper high feelings, [who] give direction, who smooth things out and to give explanations,” she urged the National Assembly’s Programming committee.  The agricultural community’s emotions reached boiling point when yet another brutal attack resulted in the death of Brendin Horner.

“I don’t think what is beginning to happen in this country is good, I don’t think any of us want to see any escalation of racial tensions. So, we begin to really pray and fight for South Africa – and for South Africa to survive on all of these things.”   Modise urged all public representatives to pray for the country.  The police was  also criticised for failing to act during the riot at Senekal on Tuesday morning where a police vehicle was overturned and set alight, allegedly by white farmers.  

Meanwhile the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have indicated that they would be present when the two men appeared in court next week which could further stir up racial tension in the Free State Community.

National News – Cele Calls for More Arrests

Bheki Cele, minister of police, on Wednesday said he was hoping for more arrests following the protests outside the Senekal Courthouse earlier this week.  On Tuesday, farmers poured into the Free State town of Senekal where the two accused in the Brendin Horner murder appeared in court.   A 52-year-old farmer was arrested for his alleged involvement in torching a police vehicle.

The protesters demanded justice and eventually stormed into the courthouse.  The demanded the suspects to be handed over to them.  The Minister’s spokesperson, Lirandzu Thema, said in a statement: “Police Minister Bheki Cele has welcomed the arrest of the first suspect involved in the violent demonstrations by a group of farmers outside Senekal Magistrates Court.  Minister Cele is encouraged that a 52-year-old farmer has been arrested for his role in the alleged torching of the police vehicle.”

“Cele is calling for more arrests as it is clear the criminality that took place was a collective act that threatened the rule of law.”  The minister’s response to Tuesday’s events has sparked outrage in the community with several allegations of double standards being made.  The Senekal demonstrations was compared to the EFF Clicks demonstrations and many said that the same laws did not apply there.

The brutal murder of Brendin Horner has been met with outrage.   Tuesday’s protests saw several people carrying placards with the words “Enough is Enough”, “Remember their Names” and “Bheki Cele Must Fall”.  Meanwhile a video has been doing the rounds on social media claiming that the man’s involvement is fake news.

The two suspects will appear in court again on 16 October 2020.

News: EFF and Unilever have reached an agreement over the Clicks images.

EFF and Unilever have reached an agreement over the images used in a Clicks online advertisement.

Unilever agreed to the following:

Unilever expresses it’s remorse to all South Africans, black woman in particular for the racist TRESemmé SA image

Unilever will withdraw the TREsemme SA product from all retail stores for a period of ten days as a demonstration of its remorse for the offensive image.

I’m addition, Unilever will donate a minimum of 10 000 sanitary towels and sanitisers to informal settlements identified by the EFF.

According to the statement the EFF and Unilever have put the matter in question to rest.


News: EFF condemns the woman who pulled out a gun on members

The EFF released the following statement regarding the incident that took place in Port Elizabeth.


The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns in the strongest terms the psychotic white woman who drew out a gun against members of the EFF in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape while they were engaged in a peaceful protest against Clicks. The woman pulled out the firearm after provoking EFF members, and the fact that there has been no outrage at against the branding of a gun against unarmed black people reveals that black life in this country does not matter.

We commend our members for maintaining calm and restraint in a moment where their lives were being threatened. They exhibited the utmost discipline as instructed in the face of provocation, and this proves that the EFF has had no intention of violence throughout the protests

However, we wish to warn all racists and sociopaths that we will no longer practise restraint against their threats and provocations.


We urge all fighters and ground forces to meet any such threats of violence with double the violence and aggression. We cannot allow racists to openly threaten our lives without consequence, especially in a country of hypocrites who continue to condemn non-existent violence from the EFF while ignoring incidents of racists threatening black lives with assassinations and guns.

We wish to communicate to all ground forces and members that if they push you, push them back. If they attack you, hit them back with double the violence.

We call on all our members to operate with the principle of self-defence. Should anyone push you, push them back, should anyone pull a gun on you, beat them until they cannot react in defence of your life.

Let us continue to operate with the principle of peace, but should anyone put their hands on you, help them unite with their ancestors.


News: 10 People including an EFF Member of Parliament, have been arrested.

The Ministry of Police has called on police officers to continue to ensure the safety of customers, staff members and property. This follows organised acts of vandalism at Clicks stores in some provinces.

Police Minister General, Bheki Cele has denounced the acts of vandalism and malicious damage to property at various businesses, including a Clicks store that was petrol bombed in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga on Monday.

Ten people, including an EFF Member of Parliament, have been arrested for charges relating to the destruction of property. The MP has been charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

Minister Cele says the advert that has sparked the public outrage must be condemned from all quarters.

“The genesis of this advert is glaring racism that is shown by this business and we must collectively condemn it at all costs. The demonstration of such blatant disregard and humiliation of African people can’t go unabated.”

However Cele cautioned against the damaging of property as an act of protest against the advert.

The Police Minister has also noted the investigation of a case of pointing of a firearm in Port Elizabeth. It is alleged that a 52-year-old woman pointed a firearm at EFF members staging a picket inside a mall in Walmer Park.

It is not clear what started the initial altercation but as tempers flare, a woman can be heard shouting: “Go back to Europe.”

“Police should ensure that the rule of law is maintained. They must deal decisively with those who choose to break the law. I’m encouraged that officers are making arrests and urge them to continue to ensure the protection and safety of customers, staff members in the affected areas,” Cele concluded.

News: Clicks closed today to provide employees with counselling.

Clicks says it will use the opportunity presented by the closure to provide its staff across the country with counselling and support.

On Tuesday, and on the back of a court interdict preventing the EFF from intimidating and threatening its employees, intimidating and threatening its customers, and inciting violence against Clicks operations, the retailer said all its stores would be closed on Wednesday 9 September. This followed pressure from the EFF, which had called for all Clicks stores to close until Friday.

Court Interdict

“We recognise this event has had a significant impact on our people and our customers, and we have taken a decision to close our stores for a day on Wednesday 9 September. We will use this opportunity to engage directly with all our store staff across the country to provide counselling and support. We will be supported by the ICAS Employee Health and Wellness Programme,” Clicks said on Tuesday.

“The closure means Clicks will be unable to provide medication to customers, along with public sector medicine pick-up points being temporarily un-available. We recognise the significant impact this event has had on our people and customers and we are doing everything to ensure their safety and wellbeing. While the cost of the rampant vandalism and looting at many stores is still being determined, we are considering the remedies available to but no decision has been finalised,” Clicks said.

Stores will re-open on Thursday.

News: DA to lay charges against Julius Malema and EFF

In a statement, DA MP Andrew Whitfield said the DA strongly condemned the EFF members behaviour and said that it would lay charges against the party.

“We will lay charges of incitement to violence and destruction of property against the EFF and more especially its leadership as made public who would welcome rioters at certain malls.

“We recognise the upset and anger the Clicks advert has caused to many South Africans however the EFF’s violent response is unacceptable and SAPS has a duty to act against Julius Malema and others who have made explicit statements inciting EFF members to commit criminal acts.”

“In the Notice of Motion application brought by Clicks’ to stop the EFF process, it explicitly stated that SAPS should respond to any calls from Clicks’ stores where EFF members are intimidating or threatening staff or damaging property and disrupting businesses,” he said.

Whitfield said the DA would write to Minister of Police Bheki Cele, and National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole, to ask what steps they will be taking against the EFF’s actions.

“We can never allow individuals and political parties to commit such horrific acts of vigilante violence and if SAPS fails to respond with decisive action they will be in dereliction of their duty.

“This is not the first time that Julius Malema and his quasi-revolutionaries have called for violence and the destruction of property in the name of justice.”

“The EFF’s call to violence and destruction of property will affect the livelihoods of thousands of Clicks employees who will bear the brunt of this destruction,” he added.

Whitfield continued to say that the EFF contradicted its values of representing the marginalised and economically excluded it always caused “mass destruction”.

“The EFF also never takes responsibility for the negative impact their actions have on the lives of vulnerable South Africans and those who they claim to represent.“They much prefer to blame the inevitable fall-out on anyone or anything else,” he said.

The DA will be submitting evidence of the EFF’s violent behaviour and malicious destruction of property to SAPS and will put pressure on the National Police Commissioner to ensure that Julius Malema and his thugs are not given special treatment.

Alberton News: 5 Suspects arrested for the destruction of Clicks

Gauteng police said they had arrested five people in connection with the destruction of a Clicks outlet at the Lemon Tree shopping centre in Alberton.

The arrests happened on Monday, hours after EFF supporters descended on numerous Clicks stores all over the country, demanding they shut down.

Brig Mathapelo Peters said, “ It is reported that the employees had locked themselves inside the store after receiving a warning of the planned EFF protest against Clicks stores, and that a group of people clad in EFF regalia were coming for this particular store,”

“On arrival of the latter group at the store and finding the doors locked, the suspects allegedly smashed and broke down the windows and the door, forcing entry into the store where they caused further damage, including a fire that was swiftly contained. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be confirmed,” she added.

A case of malicious damage to property was opened.

A police investigation led to the arrest of five people aged between 21 and 40.

“Their court appearance is yet to be determined,” Peters said.


News: Will the EFF be held accountable?

EFF Leader, Julius Malema caused mayhem in South Africa today by enciting violence from EFF members.

Malema announced that the party intended to ensure that no Clicks stores opened this week.

According to TimesLive the party “distanced” itself from any of the violence meted out to Clicks staff and stores.

“This is in no way associated with the EFF, as our protest action is conducted peacefully and lawfully,” the statement concluded.

Tweeting from his personal social media account:

@Clicks_SA see you tomorrow. Fellow fighters and ground forces; ATTACK!!!

“If they want war give it to them including any land lord of any mall who refuses you entrance . No one must disrespect black people after 2013 without any consequences, if it means death so be it. We are ready for the ultimate sacrifice in defense of black people. #EFFMustRise”

DA MP Andrew Whitfield strongly condemned the EFF’s actions and accused them of inciting violence and the resultant malicious destruction of property.

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