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News: DA calls on Ramaphosa to lift Covid-19 lockdown curfew, open borders

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to end the curfew imposed in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, open all sectors of the South African economy, and allow for international travel and reintroduce a normal school week.

“Lockdown restrictions must be ended entirely and immediately, with the exception of mass gatherings in confined spaces. This severe and prolonged lockdown has plunged our economy, the lifeline of our society, into unprecedented crisis. We simply cannot afford the luxury of blanket restrictions on economic activity,” said DA leader John Steenhuisen.

“Rather, government should trust people to take individual responsibility in line with clear safety guidelines. The lockdown has devastated South Africa’s economy, causing immense suffering, including widespread hunger. It has increased, rather than decreased, risk for millions of households, and aggravated inequality, including educational inequality.”

Steenhuisen said the country now faces the prospect of a deep and prolonged depression as debt spirals out of control.

“Respected scientists, such as vaccinology Professor Shabir Mahdi and Dr Glenda Gray, both members of government’s ministerial advisory committee, have advised that lockdown is not serving any useful purpose and should be ended, with the exception of large gatherings in confined spaces,” said Steenhuisen.

He said in calling for a full opening of the South African economy and schools, the DA is not denying the risk of a second wave of Covid-19 infections, “even though the scientific consensus is that this risk is low”.

“Rather, we believe that the risk posed to households by a deep and prolonged depression is far greater on balance. Furthermore, the recovery rate for those infected is now much higher than some months ago, while societal behaviour change and a build-up of herd immunity are both serving to considerably slow the rate of transmission, which was the original purpose of lockdown,” said Steenhuisen.

“We need to get back to work, to school, and to our lives – and we need to do it safely. But we need to do more than that. We also need to agree as a society to back the economic reforms that can get our economy growing again, and that can roll back poverty, unemployment and inequality.

“These include urgently opening up the energy market to enable a reliable, affordable power supply and auctioning spectrum to bring down data costs, as well as opening the labour market for small business, to boost job creation.

“And finally, we must walk away from investment-killing policies such as NHI (national health insurance), EWC (expropriation without compensation), asset prescription and SARB (SA Reserve Bank) nationalisation.”

Steenhuisen said “poverty is a deadly pandemic in its own right requiring decisive action from our government that has so far not been forthcoming”.

Speculation is rife that President Cyril Ramaphosa will this week address the nation and announce a further easing of lockdown restrictions to level 1.

Germiston News: Simmer & Jack Landfill burns while ANC Ekurhuleni leadership fiddles

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ekurhuleni is dismayed at the latest environmental disaster to strike the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE). A Massive fire broke out in the Simmer & Jack Landfill site in Primrose Germiston on Tuesday 8 September.

Landfill fires are of particular concern owing to its degree of difficulty in extinguishing the flames as well as the residue and noxious smog it gives off. The exact cause of this incident still needs to be determined, but the terrain conditions did indicate that the surface area was dry, it was warmer and the working surface was not being compacted as per operating standards recently.

It has come to the DA’s attention that the operating contractor has not been paid by the CoE since June, which is shocking and unacceptable. This lead to the breakdown of the site contractor vehicles, which are needed to optimally run the site and to compact the working surface of the landfill.

One of the recommended methods from industry experience in fighting a landfill fire is to smother it with layers of covering soil. This option was not immediately available owing to the working vehicles unavailability, caused by the cash flow restriction.

The DA has no confidence that the MMC of Environmental Resources and Waste Management, Cllr. Khosi Mabaso and the Head of Department, Mrs. Faith Mabindisa have the best interest of the Department, City or its residents at heart.

This is just the latest in a string of failures under their leadership, which includes the negligence of appointing grass-cutting contractors between July 2019 and June 2020. Grass cutting is still not taking place in the majority of the City’s parks and open spaces, which further exacerbates the pollution levels in the City’s dams and wetlands.

Furthermore, the CoE is in contravention of environmental air quality legislation and the DA will leave no stone unturned to have this matter investigated and the perpetrators taken to task.

This crisis is also not taken as seriously as it should be when HOD Mabindisa’s response to Councillor’s queries is, “the Department has been requested by the MMC to address Councillors through the office of the MMC”. Therefore, meaning that Councillors may no longer get answers to queries directly from officials but through a carefully spin-doctored response from the ANC political office.

The DA applauds the Primrose Fire Department for its quick response, but more specialised resources will be needed in haste.

DA Ward Councillor, Wendy Morgan, in whose area the landfill site is has escalated her concerns to the City Manager’s Office, and “ we will be closely monitoring the response.”

by Cllr Tiaan Kotzé – Member of Environmental Resource & Waste Management Oversight Committee in City of Ekurhuleni


News: DA to lay charges against Julius Malema and EFF

In a statement, DA MP Andrew Whitfield said the DA strongly condemned the EFF members behaviour and said that it would lay charges against the party.

“We will lay charges of incitement to violence and destruction of property against the EFF and more especially its leadership as made public who would welcome rioters at certain malls.

“We recognise the upset and anger the Clicks advert has caused to many South Africans however the EFF’s violent response is unacceptable and SAPS has a duty to act against Julius Malema and others who have made explicit statements inciting EFF members to commit criminal acts.”

“In the Notice of Motion application brought by Clicks’ to stop the EFF process, it explicitly stated that SAPS should respond to any calls from Clicks’ stores where EFF members are intimidating or threatening staff or damaging property and disrupting businesses,” he said.

Whitfield said the DA would write to Minister of Police Bheki Cele, and National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole, to ask what steps they will be taking against the EFF’s actions.

“We can never allow individuals and political parties to commit such horrific acts of vigilante violence and if SAPS fails to respond with decisive action they will be in dereliction of their duty.

“This is not the first time that Julius Malema and his quasi-revolutionaries have called for violence and the destruction of property in the name of justice.”

“The EFF’s call to violence and destruction of property will affect the livelihoods of thousands of Clicks employees who will bear the brunt of this destruction,” he added.

Whitfield continued to say that the EFF contradicted its values of representing the marginalised and economically excluded it always caused “mass destruction”.

“The EFF also never takes responsibility for the negative impact their actions have on the lives of vulnerable South Africans and those who they claim to represent.“They much prefer to blame the inevitable fall-out on anyone or anything else,” he said.

The DA will be submitting evidence of the EFF’s violent behaviour and malicious destruction of property to SAPS and will put pressure on the National Police Commissioner to ensure that Julius Malema and his thugs are not given special treatment.

Local News: The Alberton community had green fingers today!

It was such a beautiful Spring morning to see the Alberton community come together for an incredible Arbour Day initiative to plant 100 Spekboom in our local park.

Why the Spekboom?

This proudly South African plant is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, water wise, ideal for low maintenance gardens, helps to fight air pollution and has the ability to sequester four to ten tons of carbon per hectare.

This drought-resistant plant can survive on just 250-350mm of water a year!

Spekboom has a photosynthetic mechanism which allows it to adapt to both rainforest-like conditions and semi-arid conditions, making it incredibly adaptable and suited to almost any garden.

This is the perfect succulent for our local parks.

Tiaan Kotzé, DA Ward 37 councilor started this initiative for one specific reason, to ensure that our kids have an area to play in but most importantly to grow closer to nature.

When AfriForum and the Alberton Lions Club heard of this Arbour Day initiative they all got involved.

AfriForum donated 100 Spekboom and the Alberton Lion Club bags of compost. Together with the DA and the Albermarle Ext 2 Residence Association everyone helped to plant these wonderful succulents, in Verwoerdpark.

By working together we can truely make a difference in Alberton.







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