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Major spike in SA’s Covid-19 fatalities

There’s been a major jump in the daily coronavirus death toll.  Eight hundred and thirty-nine more people have passed away after contracting the virus.

These latest fatalities, recorded over the past 24 hours, brings the country’s national death toll to 38,288.  Almost 10,000 new infections were also picked up over the same period.  It brings the country’s known caseload to almost 1,145,000.

The largest concentration of these infections was found in Gauteng, with the capital identified as a provincial hotspot.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize visited the Steve Biko Academic Hospital on Tuesday.  He said that the bulk of the facility’s COVID-19 patients were young people.

“We have indicated that of late, because of the increased numbers of those who are having the infection, we are seeing more young people who are infected. From that point of view, we want everyone to know to stay safe, use your mask, social distance, sanitise… don’t take any chances.”

South Africa is battling a new, more contagious, variant of the coronavirus.

It was discovered by scientists here on home soil late last year.


COVID-19 latest: SA records 9 000 new cases

South Africa has recorded an additional 9 010 cases of COVID-19 in a single day, which brings the total number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic to 1 346 936.

This is the first time the country has reported less than 10 000 cases of the virus since December – at the start of the second wave.   COVID-19 has also claimed 344 more lives in the country – which now puts the death toll at 37 449.

Of the latest deaths, 63 were in Gauteng, 91 in KwaZulu-Natal, 66 in the Eastern Cape, 88 in the Western Cape, 11 in the Free State, Mpumalanga has recorded 12 deaths and 13 in the Northern Cape.

The cumulative total of tests conducted to date is 7 653 371 with 39 90 new tests conducted since the last report.

Province Total cases in SA Total Deaths Total recoveries Active cases
Gauteng 364 269 7 009 315 982 41 278
Western Cape 258 124 9 220 209 049 39 855
KwaZulu-Natal 283 176 6 409 214 798 61 969
North West 51 547 783 37 293 13 471
Northern Cape 29 757 509 24 655 4 593
Free State 70 891 2 473 58   065 10 353
Eastern Cape 187 171 9 510 172 623 7 658
Limpopo 48 158 739 39 761 8 461
Mpumalanga 53 843 797 45 226 7 820


At the same time, the chairperson of government’s Ministerial Committee on COVID-19 Professor Salim Abdool Karim has said that the new variant of the disease was a cause for concern.

Karim and Health Minister Zweli Mkhize were part of a panel of experts who were discussing the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 virus on the country on Monday, 18 January 2021,

“There is no evidence that this variant is more severe,” Karim said.

“It is spreading faster. We do not yet have any answer on it. We are still working on it. A date is not yet available,”

COVID-19 update: Confirmed cases in SA increase by 18 503

The latest COVID-19 figures have been released. According to the Health Ministry, 18 503 new cases were identified in South Africa. As of today, the death toll stands at 35 140, with recoveries at 1 030 930.


As per Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s report, 18 503 confirmed cases were identified since 13 January, when 18 555 new cases were identified. Unfortunately, we also lost 712 patients to COVID-19-related illnesses.

As per the report, 97 patients from the Eastern Cape passed away, 21 from the Free State, 114 from Gauteng, 232 from KwaZulu-Natal, 11 from Limpopo, 10 from Mpumalanga, 15 from Northern Cape and 162 from the Western Cape.

At the time of publishing, the Health Ministry conducted 7 433 571 cumulative COVID-19 tests, of which 74 830 were done during the past 24 hours: 32 332 at public facilities and 42 498 at private facilities.


The confirmed COVID-19 cases per province is as follows:

Province Total Cases in South Africa Total Deaths Total Recoveries Active Cases currently
Gauteng 350 976 6 720 295 094 49 162
Western Cape 251 107 8 804 201 370 40 933
KwaZulu-Natal 269 632 5 964 196 085 67 583
Free State 68 758 2 396 56 958 9 404
Eastern Cape 184 611 9 283 168 310 7 018
Limpopo 43 737 713 32 072 10 952
Mpumalanga 49 943 746 39 477 9 720
North West 49 359 757 36 043 12 559
Northern Cape 28 683 469 24 331 3 883
Unallocated 0

Confirmed cases in SA increase by 18 555

The latest COVID-19 figures have been released. According to the Health Ministry, 18 555 new cases were identified in South Africa. As of today, the death toll stands at 35 140, with recoveries at 1 030 930.


As per Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s report, 18 555 confirmed cases were identified during the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, we also lost 806 patients to COVID-19-related illnesses.

As per the report, 150 patients from the Eastern Cape passed away, 24 from the Free State, 211 from Gauteng, 235 from KwaZulu-Natal, 14 from Limpopo, 14 from Mpumalanga, 7 from Northern Cape and 151 from the Western Cape.

At the time of publishing, the Health Ministry conducted 7 358 741 cumulative COVID-19 tests, of which 71 681 were done during the past 24 hours: 31 465 at public facilities and 40 216 at private facilities.



The confirmed COVID-19 cases per province is as follows:

Province Total Cases in South Africa Total Deaths Total Recoveries Active Cases currently
Gauteng 346 482 6 606 291 957 47 919
Western Cape 248 339 8 642 197 224 42 473
KwaZulu-Natal 264 532 5 732 189 201 69 599
Free State 68 142 2 375 56 722 9 045
Eastern Cape 183 594 9 186 167 358 7 050
Limpopo 41 847 702 29 525 11 620
Mpumalanga 48 447 736 39 090 8 621
North West 48 538 707 35 741 12 090
Northern Cape 28 382 454 24 112 3 816
Unallocated 0


At the time of publishing, the global caseload currently stands at 92 414 520 as of Wednesday, 13 January 2021, along with 1 978 954 recorded deaths and 66 054 534 recoveries.

The USA has a caseload of 23 427 379 confirmed cases, along with 391 039 total deaths and 13 827 857 recoveries. Approximately 57 000 new cases were recorded over the last 24 hours.

Also in the top five is worst-affected countries is India with a caseload of 10 504 353 while Brazil has a caseload of 8 210 134, Russia with 3 471 053 and the UK with 3 211 576.

France, which used to occupy the fifth spot, dropped down to sixth place. As of 13 January, South Africa was 16th on the list, preceded by Iran, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

Government to look at new lockdown restrictions for South Africa

Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said that the government will have to review lockdown restrictions in South Africa as the country sees a spike in Covid-19 infections.

On Wednesday (23 December), the country reported 14,046 new Covid-19 cases, taking cumulative cases to 954,258. An additional 411 Covid-19-related deaths were reported.

The coronavirus continues to spread exponentially and the rate of spread is much faster than the first wave.

“We must warn South Africans that we will need to review the current restrictions and consider further measures to ensure that we curb this alarming rate of spread,” he said.

Mkhize said that all provinces, with the exception of the Eastern Cape, continue to report an increase in their number of cases. KZN, the Western Cape, and Gauteng reported the largest increase in cases – comprising 81% of the total new cases reported.

“Therefore it will be important for us to evaluate the situation, identify hotspots in these areas and make recommendations based on these findings and the outcomes of what has been implemented in the hotspots that have been identified so far,” Mkhize said.

The warning comes after the UK government announced new travel restrictions for South Africa due to the detection of a second variant of Covid-19 in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday (23 December), the UK’s Health and Social Care secretary Matt Hancock said that the restrictions would take effect immediately and that flights to South Africa will stop. He added that anyone in the UK who has been in South Africa in the past two weeks must quarantine immediately.

“As part of our surveillance, and thanks to the impressive genomic capability of the South Africans, we have detected two cases of another new variant of coronavirus here in the UK.

“Both are contacts of cases who have travelled from South Africa over the past few weeks,” he said.

Hancock said that the UK was grateful to the South African government for the rigour of its science, and the openness and the transparency with which it has acted.

“This new variant is highly concerning because it is yet more transmissible and it appeared to have mutated further than the new variant that has been discovered here,” he said.

COVID-19: 8,166 new cases and 173 deaths in SA

There’s been another dramatic increase in the number of daily coronavirus infections in South Africa; this time 8,166 new cases were picked up over the latest 24-hour cycle.

They bring the number of known infections in the country since the start of the outbreak to 836,764.

Gauteng still accounts for most of these cases, followed by the Western Cape and then the Eastern Cape.

The health department has also confirmed that 173 more people have died after contracting the virus, pushing the death toll to 22,747.

So far, over 756,000 people have recovered.

WATCH: Mkhize: Expect faster rise in COVID-19 cases in second wave

Covid-19: SA sees 2,302 new cases

There have been 2,302 new COVID-19 cases reported over the past 24-hour cycle in South Africa.  Fifty-eight more COVID-19 related deaths have been reported, bringing the total death toll in the country to 21,535. South Africa’s recovery rate is at 93%.

At the same time, pressure is intensifying on the Western Cape’s health system as COVID-19 cases continue to increase.  There are now just over 10,000 active cases in the province.

Provincial Head of Health doctor Keith Cloete said they had a three-way challenge at hospitals. He said the increase in coronavirus cases were competing with trauma and alcohol related cases as well as services that had been reintroduced that had been delayed.

“It’s a three-way competition for the same hospital resources; if we’re going to increase COVID-19 resources then we have to decrease alcohol and trauma resources.”

Speaking about the field hospitals, Cloete said the Brackengate and the Freesia ward in Lentegeur could accommodate about 400 patients but said there were also other plans in the works.

Premier Alan Winde said provincial government would be getting tougher on people who did not adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations by using law enforcement in a different way.

“I’ve asked them to look at what are different mechanisms on roadblocks, liquor inspections, clubs and pubs.’


New Covid-19 cases in SA

A total of 2 514 new Covid-19-related cases have been identified in South Africa (2 888 yesterday) since the last report, with the cumulative number of cases rising to 759 658.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said on Thursday 115 more Covid-19-related deaths have been reported (123 yesterday): 43 in the Eastern Cape; 23 in the Free State; 23 in Gauteng; 9 in KwaZulu-Natal; 2 in Mpumalanga 2; and 15 in the Western Cape.

This brings the total number of deaths to 20 671. Of the 115 deaths, 24 reportedly occurred in past 24 hours: 10 in Eastern Cape; 1 in Gauteng; 4 in KwaZulu-Natal; and 9 in the Western Cape.

The number of recoveries now stand at 702 544, which translates to a recovery rate of 92.6%. The cumulative number of tests conducted to date is 5 214 036, with 24 456 new tests conducted since the last report.

Data supplied by the Department of Health

Western Cape health officials are concerned about an increase in Covid-19 cases in the province as the Garden Route pushed up the infection rate this week.

Health department head Dr Keith Cloete said the latest data showed an increase in cases in all Cape Town districts as well.

During a media briefing on Thursday, Dr Terence Marshall, health cluster lead for the Garden Route, said George and Knysna led the upward climb in infections and had 1 102 active cases between them.

More than 55.93 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 1 343 584​ have died, according to a Reuters tally.

Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019.

Covid-19 News: Africa Reports Over 1,577,213 Recoveries

As of November 08, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries have reached 1,870,224. Reported deaths in Africa have reached 44,845 and 1,577,213   recoveries.

South Africa has the most reported cases – 734,906, with deaths numbering 19,789. Other most-affected countries include Morocco (252,185), Egypt (108,692), Ethiopia (99,201), Tunisia (69,543) and Libya (67,039).

The numbers are compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University using statistics from the World Health Organization and other international institutions as well as national and regional public health departments.

Covid-19 Cases in Africa

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