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Alberton City helping those in need!

Alberton City helping those in need!

This is such an incredible initiative from Alberton City Shopping Centre.

“We are starting of our week with grateful hearts and smiles on our faces, seeing how our community comes together to help those in desperate need of a meal during these trying times.

Alberton City Shopping Centre had the privilege of supporting our community with much needed food items for the Boithuto Community Project, which helps feed the Jacksondrift informal settlement.

Alberton City Shopping Centre helping those in need 1

Approximately 14,000 community members are living within the settlement

Tracey Le Roux and her amazing team and volunteers are doing everything that they can, on a daily basis to feed as many community members and children. They are also striving to do their bit with social distancing, masks and sanitising.

“We are in this together to build a stronger community and a safer society for everyone. Every small contribution makes a difference.”

.”Boithuto Community Project responded to the generous donation from Alberton City Shopping Centre on their Facebook page,

“Thank you Alberton City Shopping Centre, Lenita Camacho, Janice Coopoosamy for the generous donation of food that filled my truck – that will certainly go a long way in feeding at Boithuto Community Project in Jacksondrift informal settlement. We are so grateful and blessed. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts.”



Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service

Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service

Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service

On Friday, 8th May 2020, Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service for High School Staff.


The service was a prayer to God during this difficult time and a reflection on God’s gifts of love and family, especially for all the mothers.


A total number of 47 computer screens were logged in to Google Meets and staff members and the rest of their families could join in the service.


Those who had candles at home, kept them lit throughout the service.


It was a beautiful occasion where members of the Marist community gathered to pray and maintained social distancing at the same time.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer held an online-Prayer Service.


Top: High School IT Coordinator, Mrs Samantha Perry.

Middle: Pre-School Educator, Mrs Norton and High School Principal, Mr Norton.

Bottom: High School Educator, Mrs Delia Kitzler.

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