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Bad Weather Warning for Joburg

The South African Weather Service on Monday issued an early warning for possible adverse weather conditions expected for the Western Cape and Gauteng province later this week as cold fronts make their way into the country.

The cold fronts are estimated to make landfall on Thursday with heavy rain predicted to spread over the entire Western Cape province by Monday evening. Heavy rain is also expected over the southwestern parts of the province, which may lead to localised flooding.

The spokesperson for the Western Cape Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning James Brent-Styan said: “The bad weather will include disruptive rain, strong winds, and snow, especially over the weekend. So, we urge people to take precautions ahead of the bad weather that is expected from Thursday.”

As far as Gauteng is concerned, forecaster Lulama Pheme explained what the province should expect to experience later this week.

“The bad weather will come in later during the week and start affecting the Vereeniging areas and it will spread through to Saturday and the entire Gauteng province will be cold.”

Gauteng weather: Sub-polar weather conditions to bring freezing temperatures

Early forecasting from the South African Weather Service (SAWS) and Gauteng Weather suggests that Gauteng could experience freezing temperatures from Tuesday, 13 July.


Gauteng Weather first predicted that sub-polar air from north of the Antarctic could cause a dramatic drop in temperatures in the province and the central parts of South Africa “due to a very intense high-pressure system” on 10 July.

By 11 July, the “no. 1 regional weather forecaster in South Africa” was reporting that the “worst cold snap so far in 2021” could be expected in Gauteng from Tuesday, 13 July.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) also added that cold and sub-polar weather conditions are expected to affect most parts of the country this week.

“Again, to Wednesday, the temperatures are still dropping, and it will be a bare minimum that will go to minus for Gauteng, North West as well as outside of Mpumalanga,” said weather forecaster Lulana Theme to a Gauteng radio station.

Gauteng Weather predicts that the cold weather will begin in earnest on Tuesday when the sub-polar air hits the region.

Johannesburg residents should brace themselves for a below-freezing minimum temperature of -1°C on Tuesday with temperatures expected to rise to a maximum of 11°C. In Johannesburg, the low on Wednesday is expected to be -3°C with a high of 13°C.

The weather is expected to begin warming up from Thursday onwards.

Snow expected to make landfall in South Africa TOMORROW

After the first few reports about a possible snow flurry hitting South Africa broke last week, the latest forecast and weather models are still predicting that the white stuff will arrive in the country before the weekend. On Friday evening, the majority of the flakes are set to fall – with both the Eastern Cape and KZN on track for a dusting.


It’s looking less likely that the extreme weather will reach Free State. Although the thermometers will be plummeting in rural parts of the province, the snow seems to be retreating from its borders. Lesotho, as one would imagine, is set to receive the lion’s share of the snowfall – with AfriSki and Sani Pass bracing for something more like a blizzard.


In KZN, locations such as Highmoor, Champagne Caste, and the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountain Range will encounter brief flurries. In the Eastern Cape, residents of Tiffindell, Maclear, and possibly Rhodes will wake up to a light covering of snow on Saturday morning. No other locations or provinces in SA will experience snowfall this weekend.

The first snow of the year has already fallen in Lesotho – along the Sani Pass – on 28 March 2021. One resident in the area said “everything is definitely getting cooler, the light here has completely changed as well”. It seems winter has arrived in earnest, and with Lesotho’s borders now reopened, AfriSki has warned travellers about the upcoming storm.

“NEWS UPDATE: Please note that possible heavy snowfall is predicted to start falling from tomorrow evening, 29 April, at Afriski, which is likely to affect road conditions.”


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